Krzysztof Dominiak


Autumn Trip to Ślęża 2014 – in pursuit of some serious adrenaline boost

Once upon a time (in a galaxy far far away 😉 ) Synergians went on a two-day integration trip. For some of us, including the author, it was the first integration trip at Synergia Pro ever. To start the story off, everything was a great mystery and nobody knew what to expect. We were only told to take along some sportswear and be prepared for lots of entertainment.

We met early morning at Sokolnicza Street nearby our office, got into cars and headed south towards the A4 highway. Knowing nothing about the place we were going to, we followed Maciej who was the only person privy to the secret. Our route via the highway was rather short – surprisingly we drove into a rural area and as it appeared, we were going to the famous Adrenalina Park in Kąty Wrocławskie (pronounced / koʊtɪ vrotslavskɪə / ;-).

Adrenalina Park proved to be an exceptional place for adventure and outdoor sports. We stayed there for about half a day having lots of fun and – as the name of the place suggests – feeling a constant rush of adrenaline. At first, we had around ten paintball games, including its variations such as team deathmatch, capture the flag and “zombie apocalypse”. Then we moved on to test our archery skills in bow shooting competition. It was quite amusing as most of us had only shot bow in video games such as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

However, there was a catch – we were competing with each other for the privilege of being the first to choose bed and room at our accommodation. That’s why all of us took the archery competition very seriously and most of us received a high score even without applying the proper technique of shooting.

As we were finishing the archery competition, the sun set. Exhausted, yet happy, we departed from Adrenalina Park and drove towards our accommodation, which was a large house situated right near the trail leading to Ślęża Mountain. The house, which was capable of hosting at least 20 guests, was fully booked by us and that gave the impression of absolute cosiness. The atmosphere inside was family-like and resembled school times for most of us.

After refreshing and settling in rooms, we gathered for a delicious dinner. Top dishes of Polish cuisine, including gołąbk and pierogi, made a perfect starter for the rest of the evening. As we were feasting, drinking and discussing stuff until late night, we had an opportunity to get to know each other better and find out some new interesting facts. The real highlight was the “Habanero chilli pepper challenge”, all about maintaining a poker face while chewing a bit of hot pepper. Oh those were priceless moments! Everyone was rolling on the floor laughing at those who dared to accept the challenge and were struggling to remain unfazed. Who do you think did not pass the hot habanero pepper test? The only way to know the answer is to come to our office and ask the team 🙂 Note: No programmers were harmed during the challenge!

Although the second day was the departure day, we still had some opportunities to hang around. After waking up and eating a nourishing breakfast, we went for a walk around Ślęża Mountain. The weather was spoiling us, so it took us a few hours before we came back. Later on, there was the last activity waiting ahead of us – air rifle shooting, which tested our precision and aiming. Then we drove back to Wrocław.

We finished the integration trip full of joy and more united than ever. It was a well-spent weekend that gave us a power boost for the coming months. You can be a part of this experience in the next integration trips 🙂 Want to join us? Check