Paulina Kondratowicz

Gina Carey, an American independent filmmaker, and singer, once said: ‘A strong woman looks a challenge in the eye and gives it a wink’. With the above in mind, we decided to look at the challenges the IT girls face. In the era of growing feminist movements, the struggle for equal treatment, the gradual emergence of women…

A BugHunt event – a good way to disinfect your app

January the 24th, 2020 will stay present in our memories as the day we were all fighting the greatest and most terrifying monsters every software developer fears of – BUGS. Oh no, I’m not speaking of those tiny little insects bugging you (!) during summer, but real-life tragedies of misplaced labels, unusable features, app crashes and data loss. In those difficult times of misery and despair, we decided to join our forces in this Synergy Codes event. For one day, each and every Synergizer could step into testers’ shoes. That became a great opportunity to socialize and gain better insights on the currently running projects in our company. But first things first… What is…

Pawel Kopec


Ultracrepidarianism can eat up your time and design effort

You are running one of those big design projects. You have been working on it for a month now, doing research, gathering all requirements, and carrying out user needs and business analysis. You have also run a brainstorming and ideation session. What is more, you have consulted your outputs with the development team to verify the proposal feasibility. You have prepared a series of wireframes of your design solutions to present it to the business stakeholders in a compound form. You know the project deadline is tight. You sent the design proposal on Friday afternoon only to receive the feedback a week later that refutes your design proposal based on agreed requirements and expectations. Does it ring…

Malgorzata Ciesielska


Empowering digital manufacturing with smart applications for factory management

Synergy Codes to present custom solutions for real-time data visualization and process management at the Advanced Engineering Show 2019. The Advanced Engineering 2019 is the UK’s largest trade show for manufacturing and supply chain professionals. As every year, the event is bringing under one roof thousands of representatives across aerospace, automotive, marine, medical and many more to showcase the latest innovations and give them space to discuss the challenges they are facing. “We’re very excited to be part of the Advanced Engineering 2019, as it gives us every opportunity to bring to the table topics that currently grasp the attention. Many companies still struggle to adopt Industry 4.0”. – says Maciej…

Synergy Codes


How to increase your frontend app’s performance – 5 coding tips

In many of our frontend projects, at some point we’ve encountered the issue of the app’s performance decreasing. Things like this happen – it’s normal when the complexity of a solution increases. But still, it’s something that we developers need to take care of. In this article I’d like to show you 5 tips to help optimize your app (things I’ve done in my projects). Some of them may seem obvious, some of them are programming basics, but I think that it’s always good to refresh our memory. Each tip is backed by benchmarks that you can run on your own and check performance by yourself. BEFORE YOU READ THESE TIPS

Tomasz Swistak