Przemyslaw Serwicki

Enjoying the sun, tasting delicious food and receiving a huge portion of knowledge about React at a clip? Sounds like a joke, right? There’s nothing funny about it – we’re serious! We experienced all this and much more during the React Alicante 2018 conference in September. We’d like to share our impressions from the conference with you…

A short story about renovating a legacy code project and making it fun

Legacy code can be awkward to work with. Technology is progressing so fast that things worked with just few years ago are now out of date. The project that my team works on was primarily written in ASP.NET MVC with DevExpress Web Controls and EDMX Database-first approach. We decided to refresh it, clean up the underlying architecture, and migrate it with the view layer to React. Only a couple of years ago I worked in an ASP.NET MVC project featuring KendoUI controls and a jQuery-style frontend. Back then it felt so great to work in these nice, new technologies. These days React and Angular are on top. Nobody wants to do plain jQuery anymore,…

Katarzyna Biernat


3 Steps to Conduct Your Psychological Research Easier

Everybody knows that the business needs and uses data visualization all the time. No matter if it is an Excel sheet or a promotional video; tables, bars and pie charts are used to tell the tale in the data–and most companies are in need of an easy-to-use and powerful tool. What is less obvious, but not less important, is the usage of data visualization in the area of science. Research wouldn’t make any sense if there was no clear way to present what you discovered, right? I will try to show you how a custom data visualization tool could boost the work of a research psychologist. 1. CATALOG ALL YOUR TESTS

Michal Bruzdziak


Dependency Injection in React Using InversifyJS

InversifyJS is a powerful, lightweight and easy-to-use library for dependency injection in JavaScript. Unfortunately, due to the nature of React, using it as a component feature is not straightforward. This is because dependency injection in InversifyJS relies on a constructor injection, while React doesn’t want users to extend constructors of its components. However, there are methods which allow us to use inversion of control in our React code. By creating an example project, I will show you how to bypass this issue when working on projects. EXAMPLE PROJECT  I’ve created a simple React project in TypeScript for this article. The interesting points here are:   IoC initialization NameProvider class (which will provide a…

Tomasz Swistak


Web Application Development. Our Work Process

We can only deliver good web applications by carefully examining the clients’ needs, expectations and issues. Therefore, we put a lot of effort into our work process, which we would like to showcase now using one of our JavaScript projects as a shining example. Web applications are needed in almost every industry but you can’t just create one template and apply it to all companies. Each firm has different needs. Most require custom apps with functionalities tailored to specific processes. What’s more, the new product should bring value to the business and have an attractive and intuitive look and feel. THE START OF APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT    Every project begins…

Alina Urbaniak