Data visualization and diagrams development for data platforms 

Improve your product’s user experience with high-performing diagrams and data visualizations. 

“We appreciate Synergy Codes’ code and product design advisory a lot.”

„They have great technical knowledge and are very easy to work with.”

“They’re great at communicating, being transparent, and customer-focused.”

“They are at the top of the charts regarding timeliness, accuracy, completeness, and budget.”

See how to improve your data platform

Custom and market-proofed features development

Modernize your data platform faster than competitors with unique features.

Shorten learning curve

Get an intuitive and visually appealing user interface that effectively presents complex data structures and relationships.

Your product’s distinction

Use our customization capabilities, which help differentiate the platform in a competitive market.

Graph Visualization that Maximizes Rendering Speed

Diagram interface’s rendering time reduced to milliseconds

Satisfy the critical requirement of your customers and handle large datasets efficienty.

Premium UI to win over competition

Ensure your platform is visually stunning to attract new and retain current users.

Complex data shown in an easy-to-get way

Present large data structures, nodes, and connections in clear, visual form.

Improved data lineage visualizations

Develop algorithms and data models to capture and represent data lineage accurately.

Platform’s brand adjustment

Add your brand’s look&feel to the refreshed user interface and developed diagrams.

Future-proof technology infrastructure

Scale your data platform and ensure its performance to process and display data quickly.

The result: increased retention and satisfied customers  

Filling the requirements on diagram’s fast performance

Satisfying customers’ expectations on your product

Winning new and retaining current clients, and no lost deals

We perceive Synergy Codes as a great technological partner whose way of work fits us well. While looking for a proficient service in creating graphical components, we wanted to work with experts that would advance our tool with exceptional UX and UI, which enabled us to win new deals with significant clients.

Aurelien Masse VP Engineering at Zeenea
Aurelien Masse VP Engineering at Zeenea

Develop your product 2x faster than market standards

Combined product design and development services for data platforms enable creating your project from start to delivery with a single vendor. 

Diagrams development with premium user interfaces

Building the Product Configurator for Automotive Industry

Diagrams development with premium user interfaces

Make data easy to grasp and showcase large structures of nodes and connections in an easy-to-get way. Present complex flows and processes in clear, visual form within your data platform. 

Tell the story with spot-on diagrams, charts, and graphs, and help your readers quickly interpret what’s important. 

AI-powered knowledge graphs with ML models

Graph database use cases

AI-powered knowledge graphs with ML models

Build AI-powered knowledge graphs to get accurate, data-based predictions delivered with machine learning models. Conclude large datasets with ease, spotting connections between various nodes.   

With virtualization technology, the graph can efficiently handle several thousand nodes, allowing for faster rendering and navigation. 

Take advantage of end–to–end service that helps you build a knowledge graph for your data management platform.

Interactive dashboards with reporting features

Complexity made simple with visually aggregated healthcare patient records Data Visualization

Interactive dashboards with reporting features

Improve your data platform with interactive dashboards that collect and present data in real-time. Customize it with chosen widgets to create engaging reports and make your analysis smoother.  

The dashboard also features an interactive reporting feature to communicate with data managers and view information on recent operations, logins, work progress, comments, and more. 

UI/UX design for data platforms

Flow editor - chatbot UX case study of Riversoft

UI/UX design for data platforms

Get a complete product design service and elevate your data platform with modern UI and custom features that’ll make your product much more accessible.   

Take advantage of the product development process, including discovery phase, UX & prototyping, and UI design. Identify weaknesses of your data management platform and define ways to improve them. 


I’m Maciej, CEO of Synergy Codes. Let me be your partner in data visualization and deliver tailored project strategies: PoC, MVP, and Full Product Development. Choose your service from custom UX/UI, dedicated development, and a product design to help you retain customers and win new deals.

Enhance your data platform with experts who have created data visualization for 12+ years

Let’s improve your tool’s UI/UX with tailored features that will help you retain current customers and win new deals.