Katarzyna Delag


Constantly broadening our horizons – how our devs liked .NET Developer Days 2015

.NET DeveloperDays is a prominent conference for IT professionals keen on Microsoft development stack and a great opportunity to meet the best speakers in the industry. Some of our Synergy Coders decided to visit Warsaw to expand their knowledge and broaden their horizons during that networking event. The conference took place in Hall of the EXPO XXI Center in Warsaw on October 19-20, 2015.

During these two exciting days our enthusiastic and adventuresome representatives had the occasion to follow more than 20 technical workshops conducted by qualified trainers. Synergy Coders met numerous programmers, project managers and other smarties from the industry. Those were the days full of enthusiasm and contrasting emotions for our developers. Some sessions left a feeling of dissatisfaction, whereas others charmed them at the first spoken word. As listeners they could participate in both, fully-technical meetings and more general-purpose lectures that, e.g. summed up the techniques of time management from software programmers’ perspective.

When asked about their personal feedback about the conference, Synergy Coders repeatedly pointed out that Scott Hanselman’s lectures really blew their minds wide open. They also highly valued workshops led by Polish professionals in this industry, including Daniel Krzyczkowski or Jakub Waliński. We cannot deny that these two days were extremely productive and inspiring for Adam, Kamil, Łukasz, Maciej and Radek. Hopefully, they will make use of these inspirations to enhance all the new projects 😉 No doubt they will return there next year.