Katarzyna Delag


Thursday Night LAN Party – the short story about falling in love with game competitions

As Synergy Coders are known as those who enjoy spending time together, we planned to organize the very first LAN party in the office, hoping it will become the new tradition. Undoubtedly, we had a hard nut to crack by selecting the perfect multi-player game that could meet everybody’s expectations. Finally, playing some rounds of Call of Duty 2 brought back memories from our school years.

We divided up into two groups and started the contest. There were no winners or losers in our competition. Yet, the close contest has exposed how persistent Synergy Coders are. Meanwhile, Asia decided to sweeten our competition by preparing for us her inventive idea, a raisin cheesecake but… served in shot glasses. Everyone was delighted, well, almost everyone, because Radek wholeheartedly hates raisins. However, our perfect bartender had a plan B and, consequently, Radek was lured into saying “yes” to a non-raisins alternative of the famous cheesecake.

Desiring to have a rest from our laptops, we gathered around to try out a competition in playing some popular offline games, including Dixit, Jungle Speed and Time’s Up. You might be surprised to know that some of Synergy Coders enjoyed that even more that playing CoD2.

One thing is certain, our gaming event will return… and it’s going to be epic!