Empowering an Organization with Leave Management Application

Leave management application - main UI

See how we created a leave management application to improve the leave management system in our organization.

Leave management application - main UI

About Project

The project’s goal was to create a leave management application with four panels dedicated to specific roles in our organization: users, leaders, administrators, and HR managers. We wanted to create a comprehensive environment for managing leave requests and an organization’s leave policy.  

To succeed, our application had to be easy to use and accessible to non-tech users. So that our team focused also on UI and UX design to help users find needed information and perform actions as fast as possible. 

Read further to know what solutions we offered and what obstacles overcame. 

Client Synergy Codes
Business need to create an internal application that manages organization’s leave policy and simplifying leave requesting
Solution leave management application integrated with Microsoft Office
Scope design, UI/UX, frontend, backend
Technology Vue.js, GraphQL, NestJS
Leave management application - obstacles

Overcoming Obstacles: How We Recognized New Technology and Tackled App’s Integration with Microsoft Office

Our development team encountered three significant challenges during work. Check out what these were.


Vue.js – Recognition of a New Technology


App’s Integration with MS Office


Fullfill The Needs of Different Roles in The Organization

Our team faced three main challenges at the beginning of conceptualizing the application.

  • The first was to recognize an entirely new tech environment – the Vue.js framework, in which our developers didn’t have experience.
  • The second was to integrate a leave-requesting system with employees’ Microsoft Office accounts so that they could receive notifications on their Outlook inboxes.
  • And last but not least, we knew that we would create an application for people occupying different roles in our organization and so have different expectations for our application. 
Solution and key features

Leave Management Application with 4 Panels for Users, Admins, Leaders and HR Managers

Leave management application - solutions

To give our colleagues a tool that satisfy various needs, our leave management applications consists of 4 panels that are dedicated to users, admins, leaders and HR managers 

Leave management application - solutions

User Panel

Leave management application - user panel
  • Users have access to a personal dashboard showing the number of available, used, and overdue leaves. Users can quickly flick through their and every member’s leaves history and check the planned holidays that haven’t been used yet.  


  • Leave request form enables users to choose leave start and end date from the calendar and its type from the drop-down list as well as submiting the request to a leader. The calendar is placed below the form so users can directly mark the leave period. They can also cancel their requests in the dashboard.  


  • In the dashboard, users can check their leave request status. They are also notified about its changes via e-mail. 
Leave management application - user panel
Leave management application - admin panel

Admin Panel

Leave management application - admin panel
  • Administrators can edit the calendar and add new days off that are required due to legislation or an organization’s resolutions.  


  • They can also access a list of other admins, leaders, and HR managers to give and take back these roles within the application. 

Leader Panel

Leave management application - leader panel
  • Leaders can access a calendar with highlighted team members’ days off and bank holidays. 


  • They are in charge of accepting leave requests so in a dashboard, they can see a list of requests waiting to decision.  


  • Leaders also have access to their managees’ leave requests, where they can see who and when assigned the request, for how many days, and the leave type. Leaders can accept or decline the request and also add comments to their decisions. 


Leave management application - leader panel
Leave management application - HR manager panel

HR Manager Panel

Leave management application - HR manager panel
  • HR managers can assign default numbers of leave days to users that stem from a type of contract, seniority, legislation, etc.  


  • They receive notifications in inboxes about users that don’t have assigned leave days in the application or about users that have already used all their leave days. 


  • Our application is integrated with Grafana, so HR managers can also prepare visual reports with charts, graphs and alerts to support controlling. 
Leave management application - benefits

See How Our App Simplifies Leaves Management for Employees and Managers


4 Panels Adjusted to Roles Improve User Experience

Leave management application - adjusted panels

Each panel is tailored to the specific needs of specific user role, making it easier and more efficient for them to navigate and use the application.  

Thanks to intuitive UI, users, administrators, leaders, and HR managers can quickly get to a specific feature they need to use. 

Leave management application - adjusted panels
Leave management system - streamlined communications

Streamlined Communications within Organization

Leave management system - streamlined communications

The application is a knowledge base on users’ leaves – everyone can see who and on what dates is absent from work. As a result, it is easier to plan project activities, knowing in advance which project team’s members and when will be absent without having to ask them. It’s a helpful feature, especially for managers that lead different teams. 


Simplify Requesting for a Leave

Leave management system - simplify requesting for a day off

Thanks to the accessible leave request form, users can request a day off with a few clicks and easily indicate the holiday period on the calendar. There’s no need to tick the weekends or bank holidays because they are automatically excluded from the overall number of days off.

After completing the form, they receive e-mail notifications that the request was sent. And in a dashboard, they can check its status. 

Leave management system - simplify requesting for a day off
Leave management application - automatic notifications

Automatic Notifications in Inbox

Leave management application - automatic notifications

Users don’t have to use the application to know their request’s status because they receive an e-mail notification. The same feature belogns to HR managers who are notified via e-mail about users that used all of their leave days and users that don’t have assigned leave days in the application.   

As a result, users and HR managers don’t have to track every change in the application. 

Find Out How The Application Improves Companies Leave Management System

The leave management application helped to organize and structure our company’s leave policy. On the one hand, we created a tool that helps managers and leaders to cope with their leave-managing duties. On the other hand, it makes it much easier for users to manage their leave days, including requests for a day off.

The challenges our developers faced during the work process were the application’s great benefits. Especially the integration of the app with employees’ Microsoft Office’s accounts helps them be on track with their requests’ status.

The leave management application is the first part of a bigger project. In the future, we plan to combine it with our second solution – a tool that recommends project resources and helps managers create project teams. Thanks to graph databases technology, the solution perfectly matches specialists with specific tech skills and a project.

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