Chatbot Architecture Design and Development

Reinforce conversational platform design and empower it with machine learning algorithms for for improving users experience.

chatbot platform design

Chatbot Architecture Design and Development for AI-powered Conversational Platform

Complex conversational systems may be challenging to build. To help with that, we designed a visual tool to collaborate and create a chatbots ecosystem with minimal to zero knowledge of coding.

Our solution visually processes the bot logic and helps define the general flow of the conversation, both from the user and administration side.

Client AI-powered Chatbot Platform
Business need no-code chatbot design platform
Scope design, UI/UX, front end, backend
Technology GoJS

Chatbot Development Service Overview

Data flow diagram in chatbot platform design tool

Bot Diagram for Flow Visualization

Any conversational platform requires chatbot functionality. Here’s a bot diagram for flows’ visualization to enable a full view of the flow structure. The user can follow the possible missing flow elements and correct any issues. The user-friendly interface integrates available tools, turning it into a virtual assistant for business and technical users.

Flow Map Diagram

This depicts the processes to document, study, plan, improve or communicate the operations in clear, easy-to-understand diagrams. While representing the configuration of the conversation between the end-user and the chatbot, the flow diagram provides comprehensive information for each step of the conversation flow.

Complex data flow in chatbot platform design tool
Flow map diagram with chat details build in chatbot platform design tool

Flow Map Diagram with Expandable Chat Details

A comprehensive set of information for each step of the conversation flow, including contextual data and integration calls, provide a better understanding of the flow diagram’s operation and easy conversation flow & update. The expandable chat details allow the user to follow the actual conversation.

Style Guide for Better App Unification

A style guide optimizes the development and unifies all interface spaces. It delivers UI solutions as a set of guidelines, parameters, controls, and components that make the user interface intuitive and consistent.

Style guide for chatbot platform

The Power of Chatbot Architecture Design and Development

A challenge to build complex conversational systems is common for companies delivering chatbots. The presented visual tool enabling creation and managing the chatbot ecosystem has been built with minimal to zero coding knowledge.

The low-code solution is tailored to process the bot logic visually and helps define the conversation flow. Both users and admin can operate the tool.

Chatbot Development Service’s Benefits

Automated chatbot operations

Security architeture diagram's builder

Drag&drop builder for smooth diagrams’ creation

Supervision and detection of possible issues in real-time