Turning Complex Processes into Process Flow Diagram

Introducing process flow diagram and other visualizations that help enterprise-class company to build business processes and information flow with interactive dashboard

Process flow diagram with colorful nodes and sidebar on the right. Showed as a custom application with interactive dashboard.

Data and Process Flow Diagram for Enterprise Software and Services Provider

Enterprise-level companies deal with a large amount of information and processes which needs to be planned, managed and controlled. We put up a challenge to create a tool for a market leader in enterprise application software.

The process flow diagram captures the details of the tasks and interactions with a process, and augment the business process model with the corresponding information flow.

Client market leader in enterprise application software
Business need business processes and information flow
Scope web based UI, diagramming, dashboard
Technology GoJS library

Process Flow Diagram Overview

Diagram representing enterprise business information and process flow. A process flow diagram is filled with colorful nodes and has a menu on the left side and a sidebar menu on the right side.

Expandable Process Flow Diagram

Look at the company from helicopter view. In our data flow diagram, we have implemented multi-level nesting of nodes, which break into subsequent sections until the visibility of several thousand objects. Moreover, the expanding node disappears, making room to show under the structures.

Personal Gantt Chart

To get deeper into the context of a specific project, we have prepared a Gantt chart view, in which we assign people whose image is displayed on bars to tasks. Additionally, we have implemented a mini-map, which is a useful preview of the entire chart.

As a part of process flow diagram, custom gantt chart full of colorful bars presenting the context of a specific project and people's time consumption. There's a calendar view and mini-map on the bottom, which is a helpful preview of the entire chart.
Expandable sidebar on the right side of the process flow diagram, showing many controls in the data inspector and property sidebar, such as free text, dropdown, radio button, document.

Process Flow Diagram with Advanced Sidebar Menu

We reconciled the possibilities of GoJS visual library with the client’s expectations by adding as many as 25 different controls in the data inspector/property sidebar, such as free text, dropdown, radio button, document, etc.

Online Spreadsheets Embedded

The solution has a built-in handsontable system, i.e. the equivalent of word/excel documents, which allows you to add any content to a document or sheet in any object. The sidebar options also allow you to upload ready-made files.

Online spreadsheet with profitability and cost management based on handsontable technology. It shows the value of different positions and modular design blocks to build custom reports.

Empower Your Software with Our Process Flow Diagram

Custom Process Flow Diagram Gives Your Data a Big Picture with Expandable Details

The process flow diagram best fits enterprise-level companies that deal with many information and processes. The tool enables planning, managing, and controlling any processes and data within the company. With an information flow diagram accompanied by interactive dashboards, the user gets the tool to grasp the big picture of data with expandable details.

It captures the details of the tasks and interactions with a process and augments the business process model with the corresponding information flow. Better support of information flow is being managed via documentation. Except for helping the managers, the solution assists human resources management.

Undisputed Data Flow Diagram Benefits

enabling big picture overview with expandable details

Intuitive interface that enables navigation on security architecture diagram

supporting organizational documentation flow

Drag and drop feature to build a security architecture diagram effortless

uplifting cooperation between departments

Frequently Asked Questions

A process flow diagram is a visual representation that illustrates the sequence of steps and interactions involved in a process. It provides a clear overview of inputs, outputs, activities, and decision points, helping stakeholders understand the flow of materials, information, or actions within a system or process.

The main difference between a process flow diagram (PFD) and a data flow diagram (DFD) lies in their purpose and focus. A PFD primarily depicts the sequential flow of activities in a process, including inputs and outputs, while a DFD focuses on the flow of data between various components or processes within a system. PFDs highlight process steps, whereas DFDs emphasize data movement and transformations.

In the context of quality management, PFD stands for Process Flow Diagram. It is a visual representation that outlines the steps, activities, and decision points involved in a specific process. PFDs are used in quality management to analyze and improve processes, identify bottlenecks or inefficiencies, and establish a standardized approach to process execution.

Yes, a process flow diagram is one of the tools used in Six Sigma methodology. Six Sigma aims to improve process efficiency and minimize defects by using a data-driven approach. Process flow diagrams are utilized to map out and analyze current processes, identify areas of improvement, and design optimized processes that meet quality and efficiency goals.

Process flow diagrams can be used in various industries and domains. Examples include manufacturing processes such as assembly lines or production workflows, service-oriented processes like customer onboarding or support workflows, and business processes such as procurement or inventory management. Additionally, PFDs can be applied to complex systems like software development or project management to visualize and analyze the flow of activities.

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