Healthcare Patient’s Records Visually Aggregated

An app to combine visual data residing in different sources and providing users with a unified view of them.

Data Management Tool for Public Sector Organizations Consultancy Agency

Multiple databases lead to severe problems with duplicates, coupling between the applications, or security. That’s why we designed an app to combine visual data residing in different sources and providing users with a unified view of them.

The solution aggregates information from multiple data warehouses and shares a current version of it across an organization so all shared information will flow.

Client Public sector organizations consultancy agency
Business need database integration visual tool
Scope design, UI/UX, interactive mockups, frontend
Technology Concept work

Solution overview

Database health dashboard

The system provides a visual representation of parameters that testify to the condition of the database. Fully customizable widgets and numerous parameters allow for good quality assessment. It is worth paying attention to the spider chart, which compares databases with selected parameters.

Single-record view

This view focuses on a specific record to show details, such as time, personal and identification data, and aggregated statistics. The user can configure any parameters and save the patients’ cards on a hard drive or in a cloud.

Database connections

The presented dashboard views allow observation of various parameters such as temperature, CO2 concentration, and humidity level in the halls or rooms. The dispatcher (admin) can read the number of people in a given area thanks to the LTE/4G/5G GSM receivers’ numbers logged into the network at that particular moment.

Duplicate records AI

In case of databases overlapping, the system presents duplicated data allowing the user freedom of action. If some tiny differences appear in records, with the use of artificial intelligence, the automatic connection is on.

Database Management Tool to Solve Complex Data Challenges

It’s common for multiple database users to experience duplicates, coupling between applications, or security problems. The presented app enables using visual data in different sources and provides users with a unified view.

It also aggregates datasets from multiple warehouses and shares the current version across an organization to enable correct information flow.

Benefits of Database Management System

Enriching data records and analytics to provide the most accurate information

better customer service

Database quality scoring with excluding duplicates and false information

Supporting business intelligence with interactive dashboards and diagrams

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