Transforming Paperwork into Interactive Assembly Manuals

Automation and digitization of processes in a production company to induce faster and more effective operations while eliminating errors during the production process.

diagram showing information about all stages of the production process using smart sensors and big Data analytics

Digital Factory Solution for Garden Tools Manufacturer

Automation and digitalization of processes in a production company enable effective maintenance, errors elimination, and adaptation of requirements to new products. The example shows a tool for digitizing the assembly instructions.

The production line employees work on verified and step-by-step manuals with automated and digitized documentation transfers. As part of introducing such activities, both operators and production managers fully understand the tasks’ progress and issue monitoring.

Client Garden tools producer
Business need assembly automation tool
Scope concept, design, UI/UX, interactive mockups
Technology Concept work

Solution overview

digital flow diagram showing all stages of the production process enabled by smart sensors, affordable cloud storage and Big Data analytics, it combines data and intelligence from siloed IT and operational systems.

Flow designer module

An interactive dashboard equipped with custom functionalities to create and reuse the process supports proper flow management and tasks automation. It transfers selected actions to the production line employees, turning them into the process co-creators.

Digital manufacturing dashboard

The production planning and validation module allow the user to monitor the process’ progress. The admin observes the task’s progression, assigns roles and tasks, dives into subtasks and projects, and plans future work.

Diagram full of modules with data concerned production process monitoring
Flow diagram divided into black and white background presenting two color modes

Dark and light mode

As part of the UX and UI design works, there are two modes of content displaying. Dark and light modes intend to meet the individual user’s needs.

Assembly line digital instructions

The tool has a built-in module for creating interactive assembly manuals to eliminate errors. Divided into steps, it makes it possible to preview activities, check and visualize the available parts, and monitor progress. It is possible to skip this step. After approval by the admin, the user moves on to the next step.

A digital and interactive documentation of production parts

Digital Factory Solution Gives Control on all Stages of the Production Process

Automation and process digitization results in fast and effective operations with eliminated errors during the production process. For manufacturing companies, smooth digital operations guarantee well-performed processes, both by the operators and production managers. Visual process modeling enables complete control over the production processes.

Intuitive flow builder with interactive improve fasten assembly manuals operations. Thanks to progress monitoring and live alerting, the presented tool enables complete insight into a particular production stage. It’s easier to get rid of paper manuals and chaotic work organization to free the processes from errors.

Digital Manufacturing Benefits

Drag and drop feature to build a security architecture diagram effortless

Intuitive flow builder module

Intuitive interface that enables navigation on security architecture diagram

Visual modeling of processes

Automated assembly

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