Leave Management Dashboard for HR Department Purposes

Take a look at the custom leave management dashboard that enables requesting days off to the leader

Custom leave management dashboard for HR purposes

Custom Leave Management Dashboard

Any HR department deals with complex employee tasks management that needs to be properly operated.  

Inspired by Synergy Codes HR management environment, we implemented a tool that allows us to gather and manage all information about the company’s functioning and its employees. The custom leave management dashboard enables requesting the days off to the leader thus simplifying the leader’s work.  

Client HR Departments
Business need better control over days off management and interactive real-time leave management requesting and approvals
Scope custom dashboard, UX/UI design, real-time requesting, calendar view
Technology Vue, GraphQl, Apollo Server, Microsoft Graph API

Leave Management Dashboard Overview

Time-off requests management dashboard in the Custom leave management dashboard

Time-off requests management dashboard

Translate the traditional e-mail communication about employees into a leave management tool. For timesaving, the solution allows for sending direct time-off requests to your leader. The one-click approval or rejection makes it simple and easy for the leader and the employee to be constantly updated with the leave status. The tool sends real-time notifications to both sides, so you’re always on track with your HR management tasks.

Leave management widgets

The interactive widgets enable fast and easy time-off management. The admin can catch up with the requests list and view the monthly employee records. The widgets contain the data on vacation days, the amount of time spent off work, and the remaining days off for the particular employee. An interactive dashboard with real-time widgets simplifies and enables fast data recognition, even for inexperienced ones.

Leave management widgets in the custom leave management dashboard
Leave management dashboard

Leave management dashboard

The tool’s core is the leave management dashboard that aggregates the core data. Its sake is to simplify the time-off management in your company. The solution provides easy access to the leave request form, which can be sent to your direct manager ad hoc. The user can preview the absent and present employees via the calendar and gather the necessary announcements.

Leave management dashboard supports HR and Leader’s daily work

Each HR department, leader, or person responsible for managing employees in a given organization will need an efficient leave management tool at some stage of its development.

Thanks to the use of an interactive leave management dashboard, real-time functionality, and the possibility of data visualization, the work attendance management tool allow you to track human resources in a given company on an ongoing basis.

The concept of the absenteeism management tool will allow you not only to get to know the current number of employees but also to get to know the company’s structure in depth.

Benefits of Leave management tool

Time-off requests management dashboard

Security architeture diagram's builder

Leave management widgets

Leave management dashboard

Frequently Asked Questions

Leave management software is a digital tool or system designed to streamline and automate the process of managing employee leaves and time-off requests within an organization. It enables employees to request leaves, allows managers to approve or reject requests, and helps HR teams efficiently track, record, and manage employee attendance and leave balances.

To create a leave management system, you can start by defining the leave policies and rules specific to your organization. Then, develop a database to store employee information and leave records. Next, design an intuitive user interface for employees to request leaves and for managers/HR personnel to review and approve them. Finally, implement features for leave tracking, leave balance calculation, reporting, and notifications to build a comprehensive leave management system.

You can keep track of staff leave by using a leave management system that allows employees to submit leave requests electronically. The system should provide a centralized dashboard for managers/HR to review and approve requests. Additionally, the system should automatically update leave balances, send notifications to relevant parties, and generate reports to track leave patterns and trends.

A leave management system typically works by allowing employees to submit leave requests through an online platform. The system then notifies the respective managers/HR personnel for review and approval. Once approved, the system updates the employee’s leave balance and sends notifications to the employee and relevant stakeholders. The system also tracks leave history, provides reporting capabilities, and ensures compliance with company policies and regulations.

A simple leave management dashboard should include key features such as an overview of employee leave balances, pending leave requests, approved leaves, and upcoming leaves. It should also provide a calendar view to visualize leave schedules, a notification section for alerts and reminders, and options to generate reports on leave data. Additionally, it should have intuitive filters and search options to locate specific employee records or leave information efficiently.

When designing the user interface (UI) for a leave management system, focus on simplicity, intuitiveness, and ease of use. Ensure that the UI allows employees to easily request leaves, provides clear notifications on leave status, and presents an organized view of leave balances and history. Use a clean and consistent layout, employ appropriate color schemes, and incorporate logical navigation elements to create a user-friendly experience. Consider user feedback and conduct usability testing to refine and improve the UI design.