Real-time Collaboration Experience for Better Communication

Look how we increased user experience by enabling real-time collaboration module for software development tool.

Real-time collaboration tool

Integrate Collaborative Editing Software with Your Leading Technology

We recently assisted a visual application provider specializing in code maintenance that needed a collaboration feature enabling real-time teamwork among developers. Integrating two leading technologies posed a significant challenge, impeding the implementation of advanced features, including the much-needed collaboration module. 

Our team tackled this issue by leveraging two technologies, GoJS and React, a well-versed foundation for the client’s existing application, and Yjs, the basis of our collaboration module, introducing a new technical environment for the client. 

However, successfully integrating these technologies required us to modify the code architecture of the application. We also suggested enhancing the user experience by incorporating a custom undo/redo feature and other extra functionalities.  

Client Startup with software supporting development teams’ work
Business need Combination of two technologies – GoJS and React – to implement a real-time collaboration module based on Yjs
Scope Real-time collaboration module implementation; code’s architecture improvement; UX features, custom undo/redo feature
Technology GoJS, React, Redux, Yjs

Real-time Collaboration Tool’s Overview 

The project’s scope involved integrating the GoJS library and React framework with the RTC module to implement a real-time collaboration. To make using the app more enjoyable, our team recommended implementing some extra features and optimizing the app’s architecture.   

Integration with Exisiting Application

Real-time collaboration tool

Integration with Exisiting Application

To implement a real-time collaboration module, we first needed to improve the existing app’s architecture and perform an application state centralization. Then we support the client with our expertise to smoothly combine two technologies – React framework and GoJS library. Finally we could implement collaboration module based on Yjs. 

Object Locking Mechanism for Error-free Cooperation

Real-time collaboration tool - object locking mechanism

Object Locking Mechanism for Error-free Cooperation

Our collaboration module’s core functionality is the object-locking mechanism. It prevents other users from changing the properties of the currently edited object (e.g., overwriting other users’ changes in the same object). Locking is a mechanism that is mostly implemented on the backend side. The front end gets information on currently locked objects to show this on the node’s UI. Conversely, the backend gets informed whether the user wants to gain control over the object by selecting it and deciding which actions on the diagram should be allowed (moving, text editing, etc.). 

Collaboration Tool’s Features for Better User Experience

Real-time collaboration tool with UX features

Collaboration Tool’s Features for Better User Experience

The collaboration module is riched with handy features that make collaborative work even smoother, among others:   

  • adding comments to objects via the comment nodes  
  • attaching charts, graphics, and animations to the objects   
  • hijack functionality to draw participants’ attention to a specific object 
  • drag&drop functionality for real-time collaboration

Custom Undo/Redo Feature

Real-time collaboration tool with undo/redo features

Custom Undo/Redo Feature

Besides the collaborative module, our client also needed an undo and redo feature for the GoJS diagram and React’s controls. To prevent a client from wasting time on implementing an external solution, we developed a custom undo/redo mechanism for him and integrated it with his application. 

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Collaborative Tool’s Benefits

Ready to implement module that shortens delivery time to market

Security architeture diagram's builder

Streamlined collaboration module’s integration with your technology stack

Object locking mechanism that prevents users from overwriting each other’s changes in the same object

Frequently Asked Questiones

A real-time collaboration tool is a software application or platform that enables individuals or teams to work together on a project or task simultaneously, regardless of their physical locations. It allows for instant communication, file sharing, editing, and coordination in real-time, fostering efficient collaboration and teamwork.

A real-time example of collaboration could be a team working on a shared document or presentation using a collaborative editing tool. Multiple team members can simultaneously make edits, provide feedback, and communicate in real-time, allowing for seamless collaboration and faster progress.

Real-time collaboration software supports employees by facilitating seamless communication, enhancing productivity, and fostering teamwork. It enables instant messaging, audio/video conferencing, and screen sharing for effective remote collaboration. It allows multiple users to work on the same document simultaneously, ensuring real-time updates and eliminating version control issues. It also provides task management and project tracking features, enabling efficient coordination and progress monitoring.

Yes, you can build a real-time collaboration tool using JavaScript. JavaScript, along with frameworks like Node.js and libraries like, provides the necessary tools to create real-time communication and collaboration features. By leveraging these technologies, you can develop functionalities such as real-time messaging, document synchronization, and simultaneous editing capabilities to create your own real-time collaboration tool.

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