Front-end IoT Solutions to Enable Smart Manufacturing

Get real-time data from your IoT sensors and add value to day‑to‑day operations

Smart Factory Transformation

Industry 4.0 envisages a good deal of modernization in today’s production companies and imposes new roles on managers. It is not only about estimating production costs and time, but also about improving IoT-supported processes. The presented tool is designed to support the building up of the production line, collecting live data from IoT sensors, which are then used to estimate the quality improvements of the entire line.

Client International Factory
Business need real-time IoT solution for manufacturing
Scope concept, design, UI/UX, interactive mockups
Technology GoJS

Solution overview

Process flow diagrams for smart manufacturing enabling customized plant builder

Customized plant builder

The main dashboard showcases the interactive palette of IoT sensors and nodes that are placed on the production line. Using the dragand-drop option, the user places the objects on the line to check the production status in real-time. Sensors placed on machines collect data that are then used to create reports.

Customizing widgets and dashboards

The user decides on the tool’s look and resources. The tool’s welcome panel allows configuring various parameters such as location, sensor range, data type, or data representation. The user also gets familiar with types of diagrams for presenting the transferred data via sensors.

Custom widget to build the flow chart in smart manufacturing tool
Real-time alerts for manufacturing using IoT sensors data

Alerting and predictions in process management

The existing hardware or IoT sensors deliver the data. The app’s interactive dashboard informs about any alerts and notifications in real-time, so they can be addressed quickly and prevent further issues. The user can predict any potential faults and optimize asset usage to prepare production output.

Real-time data monitoring

The functionality supports real-time data monitoring when using back-end IoT solutions. All gathered data is presented in the form of interactive diagrams. The user is immediately alerted on occurring issues, so it is possible to take ad hoc preventive actions.

Real-time data monitoring tool for smart factories

Smart Factory Solutions Improve Effectiveness in Modern Manufacturing Facilities

Proudly introducing Smartly – showpiece application developed by Synergy Codes team that enhances factory process management by combining interactive features with real-time insights into mission-critical data.

A business tie is based on solutions merging the client’s infrastructure and pre-existing hardware, like sensors monitored via the app. It’s about boosting features by tailoring the tools. Get the real-time tools based on IoT with matching UX.


Intuitive process flow management tool

Security architeture diagram's builder

Visual modeling of processes

IoT integrations

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