City Farm 4.0

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We introduce IoT and real-time patterns into ecological solutions. First of all, they support the collection of data and then manage their visualization in order to economical and precise modern farm management.


Hydroponic farms merge the eco and modern technologies to support cultivation. Our team decided to challenge themselves and crafted a tool that allows the users to monitor and plan works in the area of a hydroponic farm. This visually stunning project consists of a set of dashboards that focus on the supply, maintenance, and finance combined with a real-time overview of the facility.


React, Redux, TypeScript, GoJS, Node.js, React Native for mobile version


Product Design Team with 3 dev’s engagement, Design Team for UX and UI works, frotnend and backend specialists.


The app enables to benefit from real-time data presentations gathered from sensors and evaluate them via an intuitive dashboard.


To meet various industries’ needs, we decided to support the activities of farmers and owners of large vegetable or fruit farms. Modern agriculture requires not only cultivation solutions but also the most up-to-date management. Our project was based on the use of sensors that would collect data processed by the application. This, in turn, would facilitate the daily work with crops, allow you to generate savings, and plan further works.


The combination of ecology and modern technologies resulted in the creation of the City Farm 4.0 application, whose task was to facilitate and modernize plant management. We used the benefits of IoT, i.e. sensors that monitor the conditions of cultivation on an ongoing basis to detect possible problems or improve work. With the help of an easy-to-use dashboard, in real-time, it is possible to manage not only the crop itself but also plan sales, estimate costs, or modification of the farm size and its effective management.

The design process merged our multidisciplinary skills and introduced a new way to approach it. The research was conducted by us and our colleagues outside the team, including dev, BA, UI dev, and CEO to find out the best ideas to be designed. We decided to use paper and pencils to draw the visuals manually first, and just then we implemented the chosen solution into the screens. Finally, it supported the idea to create a handy and eco concept that could be a perfect match for the IoT aspects to be implemented.

Gosia Ciesielska
Synergy Codes UX Designer

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