Schematic Editor for OPAL-RT to Build Electrical Circuits

  • custom GoJS
  • business modelling
  • engineering

Synergy Codes provided the client with a schematic editor that enables creating electrical circuits. It empowers advanced solutions for automotive, aerospace, power electronics, and power generation industries.


The OPAL-RT had requested a custom solution as their market-base tool for modeling electrical circuits wasn’t sufficient. The lack of desired functionalities and their high cost made them ask Synergy Codes for help. We presented the ways to lower the tool’s price while still offering all the specialized functionalities that mattered to the business.


The hi-tech used in the project were: GoJS, React, PostgreSQL, .NET Core


The solution was tailored for power electronics and power generation industries.


The interactive schematic editor covers the solutions for electrical circuits modeling by implementing intuitive dashboards.

Challenge - Delivering Schematic Editor in 4 Weeks

Our team faced a new challenge in terms of modeling and creating complex schematic editor for building electrical circuits for OPAL-RT Technologies. And we had a very short timeframe to deliver – meaning it was just 4 weeks to present a prototype that would convince the client of its market value. OPAL-RT also had several additional products and applications that they used to build electrical circuits. So a solution that connected these applications was indeed needed. The task was to build a cross-
platform system rather than a simple tool.

Solution - Schematic Editor Powered by GoJS Library

The challenge was to craft a simple and intuitive solution that covered complex processes. The GoJS Library – our core strength – turned out to be ideal. Schematic Editor is an application that enables the user to create electronic circuits. A large set of defined blocks gives the user the ability to create various models and save them to a database, meaning that these models can later be leveraged by different systems.

It’s been a pleasure for us to deal with Synergy Codes. They’re very good at capturing our needs. Their analysts have added value to our project through not only understanding our needs, but by proposing better ideas where they’re able to. I like the agile methodology they used. They’ve always been open, flexible, and they deliver quickly. They always try to improve the process of delivery and development, as well as the quality of the code / product developed.

Vincent Lapointe,
OPAL-RT Technologies

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