Effortless Real-time Reports for SL Corporation

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Manage the middleware monitoring with the interactive toolset. With just a few clicks, it’s possible to build complex graphical reports in real-time. Our RTDraw builder maximizes the potential of applications that SL Corporation provides in the field of analytics and visibility software.


SL Corporation asked us to tailor a toolset for real-time visualization across monitoring and telemetry sources. So we got an idea to create a solution that maximizes the potential of middleware apps in the field of live monitoring, analytics, and visibility software.


GoJS, Node.js, React, Express, Redux, Webpack


The RTDraw Builder is the result of the combined works of the Product Design, dedicated PM and the Design Team.


The RTDraw Builder serves as a real digital assistant that combines solutions for real-time reports and data visualization solutions.


The Synergy Codes’ task was to transfer new features to web-based technologies from the existing application that had been developing for over 10 years. The work was super exciting, as we had to fit the solution around the ready-made framework. It challenged the dedicated team in terms of a great learning curve and merging the works with the client’s team. Thanks to effective communication and clear project steps have allowed each party to concentrate on developing a solution that resulted in outstanding outcomes.


It’s usually better to start crafting the solution from scratch, however in this case, our team had to rely on pre-made tools to merge the new fix. We helped SL develop a sophisticated toolset to assist users in building real-time graphical reports showing data gathered from diverse monitoring or telemetry sources. The final creation resulted in the RTDraw Builder app that fits the existing framework and brings data to life in usable and simple ways.

Management of resources and professionalism sets them apart from the rest. They are committed to being easy to work with and are adaptable. They take their business very seriously.

Tom Lubinski,
SL Corporation

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