Krzysztof Dominiak


April Awayday 2015 – in pursuit of even greater adrenaline boost

Is there a better way to start the long May weekend than by team-building activities? Thursday the 30th of April could have been yet another day of work at the office, but instead it was a day full of surprises. Although everyone had known the date of integration, we didn’t know what to expect thanks to Kasia’s discrecy. That, of course, led us to some speculations of what to expect. With such a hype around our integration, we gathered at Chemiczna Street at 9 a.m. eager to know what would happen next.

Nobody expected the first attraction as we were climbing up the stairs of an old tenement house. After a while, everything was obvious – we entered the so-called “Logical Room” – an apartment of two rooms full of logical riddles. We split up into two teams and entered the rooms. Soon after, we were locked up for one hour with a goal to escape the room. Fortunately, both of the teams showed that Synergia Pro crew not only knows how to code like pros, but also how to solve problems logically under time pressure. Victorious and proud, we left the Logical Room and headed towards Olympic Stadium for another “mysterious” integration activity.

We parked near a big bubble-like structure, which for sure had to be some kind of sports area. Were we about to play some tennis or football? Nope, that wouldn’t be so special or fun! In fact, we played bubble football – a combination of wrestling and football, where players are stuck inside inflated bubbles and play football. Oh what fun we had! Three types of games: football, “last man standing” and attack vs defense, but all of them wouldn’t be so entertaining without those bubbles allowing us to charge at each other (gravity and physics did the rest).

After bubble football, we drove to Sienkiewicza Street for the Laser Tag game – a simulation of warfare. We once again split up into two teams, got our wargear and ran into fight. What a mayhem it was! Four games in a dark military – style labyrinth, 20 minutes each, and thousands of virtual bullets shot. The most efficient players were Dawid and Kamil who used numerous tricks and tactics to score for their teams. As it appeared, cunningness, agility and precision were the key factors to become the Most Valuable Player.

Afterwards, we enjoyed the meal at Piramida Steakhouse, along with talking, sharing ideas and fun facts that hadn’t been known before. We stayed there until we felt the need for some more activities – so we went to play some billiard. The night went on, some of us were even precise enough to win the game in a few moves. We ended up at Domówka pub, where we had a crazy party time 🙂

That’s how our team spends time together. We’re going to have some more time out soon, so if you’d like to share our experience, why not joining us? Check out our career opportunities and become one of us!