Krzysztof Dominiak


Synergy Codes Software House Awakening

First of July was an important day for the team, as we were celebrating the development of our new company identity with two new Synergy Trainees on board. For two months we were working on introducing our new brand: Synergy Codes, followed by launching our new website. I was honoured to coordinate that breakthrough process from the phase of generating ideas to bringing them to life. Therefore, it was time to summarize the results of the change and everyone’s contribution to it. During the presentation, followed by Q&A session, everything was explained and no question was left unanswered.

Although the main goal of the event was to finalize the new brand creation, we didn’t miss an opportunity to have some fun afterwards and to throw a memorable party. We started slowly, by discussing ideas for internal projects while sipping beer and eating pizza. As the discussion came to an end, we began our first dart tournament in Synergy Codes.

The Tournament, consisting of eleven rounds, began with Maciej’s first throw. There were many surprises and unexpected results, such as early defeats of top players. Speaking of which, especially Radek was under the influence of bad luck, which precluded him from winning the final round – everything due to his former distracting attitude towards other competitors. Dawid turned out to be the winner as he managed to beat other thirteen competitors and to become the champion of the First Dart Tournament. If you’d like to get some insight into our emotions, don’t hesitate to check out our photo album on Facebook.

Although the dart tournament was the last major activity of new brand celebration, the party was far away from ending. The integration with new crew members went on, as we had some other ideas in store. It was the first time we introduced tabletop games to our parties and most of Synergy Coders immediately caught the bug.