This one functionality will boost the commitment to building the process

First and foremost, diagrams are a reliable way to represent dependencies and information flow interactively. In everyday work, they allow you to model processes that boost your organization. We’re thrilled to support those responsible for managing the activities in terms of building transparent forms of data imaging. If you apply the right visualization and collaboration techniques, you’ll see the growth of your project members’ commitment to building processes with diagramming applications.

In the era of remote work, we see the opportunity for the development of tools for remote simultaneous cooperation in a project. The custom framework that we have created turns out to be reliable support, which enables the effective and engaging work of each team member. Below you will find a description of a solution that can contribute to the development of your company.

Remote work (may) limit involvement in the project.

The work on projects related to the process modeling and management in standard conditions is supported by frequent meetings, brainstorming sessions, and direct communication with other team members. When working remotely, such actions are limited.

To get the right support under the current conditions, we have developed the custom framework – the multiplayer feature. You can integrate it with the diagramming app, no matter how complicated the process you create. Thanks to it, it is possible to implement the collaboration functionality to your application. As a result, you can perform and observe all actions in real-time along with your team members. It affects the understanding and accurate fulfillment of the project assumptions.

Working out the process together allows you to capture all the necessary tasks to complete. At the same time, your team overcomes the implementation obstacles.  And the more complex the process, the more information needs to be processed. However, thanks to the joint commitment of teammates, creating even the most difficult processes becomes easier. That is why it is so important to ensure team involvement and the quality of results.

What is the custom framework – the multiplayer feature?

It’s a unique engine based on the GoJS library and WebSocket technology. It gives you a chance to transform the tool into an application supporting smooth live cooperation on projects. Also, it supports the automatic and easy creation of the required diagrams and model processes in teams. Thanks to the built-in intuitive drag & drop options, we enable you to act freely on the layout. Each project participant has full insight into the currently drawn processes, can freely add any information in case of changes. In this way, the involvement of all colleagues in the project increases, and thus also the improvement of the process itself.

The use of the custom framework – the multiplayer feature for simultaneous remote work can bring tangible benefits to your project team that develops processes in the organization. First, it creates the impression of working ‘here and now’ with other people in the company. You can diagnose any change in the elements live, and also influence the effectiveness of the overall work on the project. Yet, the feeling of ‘working together’ is extremely important to the development of your process and project.