Krzysztof Dominiak


“Family” gathering at the Christmas Eve 2014

As the fruitful year 2014 was coming to an end, the time was ripe for summing-up the progress of company development and spending some time together in a family-like atmosphere. Wigilia party proved to be perfect for that, as it made us gather together at the table full of traditional dishes.

Our Christmas supper was mostly about eating, drinking and discussing new ideas on a friendly meeting. However, shortly after the first toast was proposed, Maciej stood up and delivered his speech summarizing the past year and providing a vision of the near future. It was a special moment of appreciation for our team since we’ve worked hard to achieve success and the income boost. The forecast for the coming year was very optimistic as new highly motivated team members had joined us in the second half of 2014.

We feasted until late night (or dawn, had we partied in the summer), eating pierogi, cheesecake, red borscht and other yummy specialties. Then we went home in a holiday mood and started to prepare ourselves for the Christmas Eve, that we would spend with our families.