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Smart Factory – Real-Time IoT Monitoring System for Manufacturing

Smart Factory improves IoT-supported processes in manufacturing companies. It helps in building up the production line and collecting live data from IoT sensors. Next, data are is used to estimate the quality improvements ofalong the entire line.

Smart Factory Visualization for IoT Dashboards and Monitoring Systems Development
Customized plant builder Real time alerting for Smart Factory Visualization for IoT Dashboards and Monitoring Systems Development
Alerting system in process management Real time alerting for Smart Factory Visualization for IoT Dashboards and Monitoring Systems Development
Real-time data monitoring Real time dashboard data for Real time alerting for Smart Factory Visualization for IoT Dashboards and Monitoring Systems Development

Intelligent Building Management Tool to Help Administrate Spaces

Smart Building is a 360 tool that merges IoT solutions into a handy app. With deployed sensors, it delivers an overview of building conditions, monitoring alerts and planning the necessary maintenance.

IoT Dashboards for Intelligent Building Management Tool to Help Administrate Spaces
Dashboard monitoring sensors indicators IoT Dashboards monitoring sensors indicators for the smart building application
Interactive floor planner Interactive floor planner in IoT dashboards for the smart building application
Utilities consumption charts Utilities consumption charts presented in IoT dashboards for the smart building application

IoT Plant Monitoring System to Reinforce Cultivation

Hydroponic Farm uses a set of dashboards that simplify the supply and maintenance of the facility. They provide users with a real-time overview of the facility and enable rapid reactions to issues. IoT data collected by sensors and processed by the application generate savings and help plan further work.

IoT Dashboards for Hydroponic Farm
Detecting and predicting issues IoT Dashboards for Detecting and Predicting Issues in Hydroponic Farms
Plant maintenance overviewIot Dashboards with Plant Maintanance Overview for Hydroponic Farms
Live processes managementIot Dashboards with Live Processes Management for Hydroponic Farms

Refined UX for SaaS Management Platform That Simplifies Connected Services

A SaaS Platform that integrates and controls multiple devices performing various actions to enhance usability. It uses diagrams, charts, sidebars, dashboards and other visual elements that facilitate controlling and reading data.

IoT Dashboards for SaaS Management Platform
Tree diagram with connected devices IoT Dashboards with Tree diagram for Refined UX for SaaS Management Platform that Simplifies Connected Services
Device signal strength depiction IoT Dashboards that Present Devices’ Signal Strength
Settings and management panel IoT Dashboard wih Setting Panel for SaaS Management Platform

Get to Know Our IoT Skills

Customers around the globe depend on Synergy Codes for our expertise. See how we can help you. 

  • graph theory
  • presenting large datasets
  • graph databases
  • advanced algorithms
  • ai
  • machine learning
  • automatic graph layouts
  • advanced animations
  • modern ux

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“Synergy Codes is at the top of the charts regarding timeliness, accuracy, completeness, and budget compliance.”

Robert Scott CTO & Co-Founder, EON Collective

„I appreciate both the code and the product design advisory I received from Synergy Codes”

Daniel Balaceanu, Head of Products, Druid AI

“It’s been a pleasure for us to deal with Synergy Codes […]. They always try to improve the process of delivery and development, as well as the quality of the code/product developed.”

Vincent Lapointe Product Manager, OPAL-RT Technologies

„They’re able to deliver our ideas creatively and efficiently with very few issues and defects.”

John Kears, Co-owner, NextWare Group

IoT Technology Integrations

We ensure data transfer speed and security.

Fast Data Transfer from Sensors to Dashboard

We use a GraphQL and its websockets to send sensor data from the application’s back end to its front end. Next, data are immediately displayed on a dashboard built on HTML5 Canvas, to maximise data rendering speed.

Sensor Data Storage in Database

Sensor data is transfered through the MQTT protocol and local hub to Microsoft Azure, and stored there in a database.

Data Transfer Based on Realiable Protocols

To ensure safety for data transfer between IoT devices and our dashboards, we use popular and reliable protocols, such as MQTT. The protocol is also responsible for authentication and authorization of clients.

Components Used by Our IoT Designers & Developers

Check out some pre-made components that will power up your software. Or let us create custom features and integrate them with it.

with Sensors

Connect your IoT device’s sensors with the dashboard to track data in real-time


Monitor real-time data and notify users about possible machine issues


Spot an issue as soon as it occurs and react immediately


Compose your dashboard by adding widgets that present the data you need the most


Build your factory view with pre-made and fully cutomizable components


Have you already created your factory view? Import it from a PDF or AutoCAD file

Access to
Historical Data

Flick through historical sensor data, compare it and draw conclusions


Group your datasets in reports and share them with your team

Integration with

Take advantage of Node-RED and integrate the tool with our dashboards

Talkt to Our IoT Experts

Reinforce your software with monitoring dashboards that collect and present IoT data.

  • Get insights about internal processes
  • Analyze results and implement improvements
  • Predict and solve issues in advance

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