We craft top-notch apps for interactive data visualizations

Business process modeling apps

Interactive data visualization

Business process modeling apps

We deliver visually friendly and intuitive apps for data flow management in robust companies. Crafted to cover digital business modeling, they support complex processes between multiple cells in an organization and simplify them to a Gantt diagram view. Instead of jumping from spreadsheets, we enabled the use of drag & drop in our interactive modeling tool. Thanks to this, the control over information flow and visualizing big data will give a little kick to daily work.

Interactive diagrams with voice bot

Interactive data visualization

Interactive diagrams with voice bot

We design and implement maximally interactive diagrams that support almost any technologies, such as Interactive Voice Response. Our concept of user path mapping tools can be used in call center departments to automate the customer service process. Supported by REST API, enabled analytics and reporting tools, the tool provides a 360-degree view of the customer.

Harnessing business insights with data viz

interactive data visualization with processing

Harnessing business insights with data viz

We craft creative data visualization tools that convert raw financial data into easily digested, actionable intelligence. Our interactive dashboards simplify decision-making process. With eye-cathing charts work with figures becoming nice and easy for users. From data slice through insight into the full picture, we give the strength to monitor, understand and take action.

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Building blocks for every partnership

We support you from the first moments to the final results with a simple waiting path offer that guarantees to take immediate action. With our chop-chop approach, there are no prolonged inquiry proceedings. All that guarantees to get a specific proposal of the application mockups and operations along with the offer.

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Business Request

It all starts by sending your request which triggers us immediately to analyze your business requirements. We’ll be delighted to meet you and have a look at your idea.


Internal Briefing

Once we get your perspective and familiarize ourselves with the requirements, our Product Design Team analyzes all of them and pre-estimate the project.


Discovery Meeting

Now it’s getting serious. During the meeting we want you to hand all detailed project requirements. It’s necessary to suggest the best first possible solutions. We can clarify all business or technical doubts.


Concept Draft

At last, it’s our role to turn the ideas into a real thing. We take control over preparations of mockups to guarantee a perfect UX along with suitable UI, develop PoC, estimate price, and time. Our team is always there to dispel any of your concerns.


Presentation & Final Offer

We can’t wait to present you the outcome. Brace yourself to get an advanced tailored-made tool that meets your business needs. We support implementation and are ready to continue the cooperation any time you need support. Are you in? Great!

Product Design Team makes it perfect!

We define the new development routes by working ad hoc at specific and complex enquires. Form collecting needs and business assumptions to delivering the prototype of the ready solution ASAP – our Product Design Team responds immediately. We combine the power of visualization and artistically designed codes for your business growth.

Ready to art awesome apps?

We make it from scratch to accompany you at every step of your plan. Equipped with a multidimensional data visualization tool, get ready to grow your business like a boss.