Data visualization agency for business intelligence and analytics products

Core services for your data visualization

Interactive data visualization



  • Get advice from data viz specialists to adapt your tools to meet advanced visualization demands
  • Expert guidelines give you the power to simplify complex data, making it easy for your product’s users to grasp
Interactive data visualization

UX & UI design


  • Enhance your software with the help of niche experts in navigation and diagramming design
  • Work with UI/UX designers who specialize in data visualization to create modern features for your BI and analytics products
interactive data visualization with processing

Product development


  • Profit from our years of experience in diagramming and data visualization to launch your product in weeks, not months
  • Rely on our tried and tested visualization components to get your MVP ready fast

Why choose us

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2-day project initiation


  • Talk to top tech experts from day one
  • Within 2 business days, we will build a project team that will support you during the entire project
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3x faster MVP development


  • Test the waters and get product feedback quicker with 3x faster MVP development thanks to our seasoned developers and premade data visualization components


No vendor lock-in


  • Team up with our developers to ensure knowledge transfer
  • Get comprehensive documentation, consultations, and training in GoJS, Angular, and React for independent future maintenance


Full-stack product development


  • Get a fully functional data visualization product integrated with your technology
  • Our team of developers, designers, business analysts, QAs, PMs, and DevOps will support you throughout the product lifecycle


Flexible hiring


  • Tailor your payoff model to fit your budget, whether for single specialists or an entire product design team
  • Choose consultation or a long-term business relationship


100% NDA-secured environment


  • With Synergy Codes, your user data is protected by working with data using only its logical structure and strict adherence to non-disclosure agreements

Product Design Team makes it perfect!

We define the new development routes by working ad hoc at specific and complex enquires. Form collecting needs and business assumptions to delivering the prototype of the ready solution ASAP – our Product Design Team responds immediately. We combine the power of visualization and artistically designed codes for your business growth.

Ready to art awesome apps?

We make it from scratch to accompany you at every step of your plan. Equipped with a multidimensional data visualization tool, get ready to grow your business like a boss.