4 steps to optimize the project with full control and live cooperation

4 steps to optimize the project with full control and live cooperation

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4 steps to optimize the project with full control and live cooperation

Any manager or a team member, working on a project, encounters some typical issues. While you have deadlines to face, the reality of remote work doesn’t make anything easier. So why not look for the tools that will allow you to control and fully optimize your project?  The effective solutions for live cooperation within the project are just around the corner.

Is it possible to obtain the effect of full optimization and taking control of the project in 4 steps? Yes, if the manager can delegate tasks to the team, sets the appropriate deadlines for each stage, maintains constant communication, and responds to the crisis immediately. At the same time, a team member is expected to know the individual stages of the project, and therefore got the knowledge related to their tasks. And we can’t forget about the constant communication between the manager and other project members.

Step 1: Build the logic of the tasks in the project

Challenge: The task-based approach is the right thing to do when working on the project. However, it happens that your work style is closely related to losing track of the priorities at some of the project’s stages. It’s observed especially if the project is constantly changing or developing. Due to the dynamic reality of the functioning of many companies, you aren’t always able to predict the new directions of development.

Solution: The good solution is rooted in classic ideas. However, in this case, the most important thing is to speed up the processes based on well-known methods. Think of the solutions based on digitization, which will bring order to multi-threaded issues. Focus on tools that will always support continuous cooperation and monitoring of any progress or errors. While using the tool for teamwork, be careful not to waste time on learning how to use it. However, choose an intuitive solution that will ensure comfortable work for everyone – juniors and seniors in your team.

Step 2: Check project progress live

Challenge: In multi-team projects, it’s inevitable to administer them with selected tools. However, each subtask may be operated by a specific tool that must be readable for everyone. Therefore, it takes some time to recognize a given app. As a result, such action may influence the required KPIs.

Solution: The key to success is primarily managing multiple aspects of the project simultaneously. Thanks to the integrated, well-designed tools, you can divide tasks between project participants and monitor the results. This, in turn, may affect the KPI study and the achievement of such results that support the fulfillment of all assumptions. The functionalities including live aspects introduce the desired order into project work on all its levels.

Step 3: Manage tasks like a boss

Challenge: You work in multi-person or even cross time teams where good communication is a must. This is not always possible due to a dispersed team or, as nowadays, remote work mode. However, regardless of whether the project is online or not, one of the reasons for failure is ineffective communication. In this field, the most common are misunderstandings, wrong information flow, or simply failure to provide relevant data to a specific person.

Solution: What if you had a tool that would allow you to live commenting, add notes for project participants, or mark places to return to in the project and their verification? It’s always worth using solutions that will allow you to check the data flow clearly and legibly. After all, successful communication means a successful project. It’s also worth considering such functionalities as additional documentation and graphics add, or live comments on the work progress.

Step 4: Choose one multi-functional tool

Challenge: Are you bouncing from tool to tool depending on the number of tasks in the project? Or maybe you use several applications at the same time, bearing in mind ALL the needs of project members? If you spend more time recognizing the tool and thus wasting your budget and valuable time, then you should take a deep breath and think about what tasks you have to do and how to deal with them most effectively.

Solution: An ideal tool for working in a project team that performs tasks remotely should be equipped with functions enabling comfort and full control. Taking care of areas such as and monitoring the process or conducting interactive meetings is the basis of the application for project work. Thanks to a simple and intuitive dashboard, you can design all activities within the project, check out the progress and plan the next steps. The live commenting modules provide excellent communication. If you want to organize an ad hoc meeting, consider using an interactive whiteboard that helps to collect your thoughts, construct an interesting flow, or manage the chaos in the project. You can easily deal with the generating reports – just one click.

The project work optimization is primarily about simplifying it for the needs of managers and team members. Efficient communication and task management, supported by live aspects, will help track progress and delegate tasks.