Autumn Awayday at FreeFly Center- sometimes it’s nice to fly away from reality

Autumn Awayday at FreeFly Center- sometimes it’s nice to fly away from reality

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Autumn Awayday at FreeFly Center- sometimes it’s nice to fly away from reality

Kasia: One would think that organizing the awayday for our Synergy Coders is the easiest part of my job, but I could not disagree more! Well, it is the most satisfying part (mainly due to their smiling faces after the event), however that was going to be far from simple. I gathered around me a team of people to whom the word ‘fun’ means something entirely different than to the rest of the world. There was one thing I was sure of – the chosen attraction had to be unique and memorable. From the very beginning I knew that a trivial game of paintball or a day spent in a waterpark wouldn’t be exciting enough for our Synergy Coders. I prepared a short survey and started with a small research among team-members. The results of a survey brought more and more confusion because their suggestions were more than contrary. After a thousand moments of searching for a perfect headliner, my choice finally fell on something that, hopefully, was supposed to be a new experience for everyone. I decided to take them on a trip to Leszno, so as they could try their hands (and other parts of their bodies) at flying in the wind tunnel.

I was doing my best to keep these plans a secret from team-members, but day by day it was getting even harder. Synergy Coders are the most inquisitive minds I have ever met in my entire life, so they kept on asking me questions about, literally, everything. Thus, I started to become concerned about revealing my secrets. All arrangements or reservations had to be done silently and when possible – out of office – because suddenly walls began to have ears.

Krzysiek: Two things were certain – the date of our integration trip and well-planned yet unknown entertainment awaiting us. Playing cat and mouse with Kasia, while attempting to find out where we would go and what we would do, has become our habit. Once again some extraordinary individuals from our Synergy Codes team found a way to become informed before others (that was not me and I’m not going to name the people responsible for that :)). This, of course, didn’t spoil the surprise for most of us. As our destination was revealed by Kasia, we were more than stunned.

Kasia: We set off at noon, on Friday, 27th of November. We excitedly went to conquer the world… or at least a beautiful part of Poland. Well, it was quite a long, but comfy journey – we reached Leszno in a luxury coach designed for more than 50 people. Our team is constantly growing, but trust me, we still had a lot of space for everyone. We were travelling like VIPs 🙂

Krzysiek: For sure most of us were not focused on marveling over landscapes during the journey, but instead on integrating with each other. That made us overlook the long distance, traffic jams and roadworks. We just hope, that our bus driver would like to cooperate with us in the future 🙂

Kasia: When we finally made it through, everything was completely overtaken by events. We met our instructors who introduced us to the theoretical basics of indoor skydiving. Next, we were divided into two teams for improving our general experience of flying. Two qualified trainers – Paweł and Markiz – kept an eye on our safety and comfort. I was carefully observing the reactions of my colleagues. Some of them felt frightened, some seemed relaxed, whereas others couldn’t get their enthusiasm under control. I truly hope that they enjoyed it the way I did. That experience let us look at skydiving from a broader perspective. Who knows, maybe next time we will give a real skydiving a try?

Krzysiek: Lots and lots of emotions! Even today I can remember that indistinguishable feeling of “flying” and the deafening sound of accelerated air. Some members of our team turned out to be natural skydivers – Maciek’s proficiency became our new inside joke 🙂

Kasia: That day was crowned with a relaxing stay at the near-by hotel. We had plenty of time to talk with each other, play games, eat together, try out some new drinks but…what happened in Leszno, stayed in Leszno 🙂

Krzysiek:The hotel was a decent place to stay at and – what happens very rarely – it looked better in reality than in the photos! We had our own lounge and open bar to continue the integration. There was another party nearby – a retro one – so we didn’t hesitate to take part in it. Let’s say that IT guys stood out from the crowd of elderly people who were trying to remind themselves of the good old days 😉

This trip was our last big team building event in 2015. Check out this video summary of fun moments we’ve had throughout the year: