Empowering digital manufacturing with smart applications for factory management

Synergy Codes

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Empowering digital manufacturing with smart applications for factory management

Synergy Codes to present custom solutions for real-time data visualization and process management at the Advanced Engineering Show 2019.

The Advanced Engineering 2019 is the UK’s largest trade show for manufacturing and supply chain professionals. As every year, the event is bringing under one roof thousands of representatives across aerospace, automotive, marine, medical and many more to showcase the latest innovations and give them space to discuss the challenges they are facing.

“We’re very excited to be part of the Advanced Engineering 2019, as it gives us every opportunity to bring to the table topics that currently grasp the attention. Many companies still struggle to adopt Industry 4.0”. – says Maciej Teska, CEO of Synergy Codes, software house that will be presenting their solution at the stand number D28a.

“It’s clear that companies in the manufacturing sector have to keep up with the latest technology not to be left in the dust. However, the operational complexity, lack of visibility over mission-critical data or detailed understanding of production performance stand in the way of making the leap into the true efficiency”. – he adds.

“At Synergy Codes we strive to embrace these companies’ pains. We create cutting- edge applications for data visualization and process modeling. Contrary to turnkey suppliers, we’ve developed a unique expertise to offer outstanding solutions that address even the most challenging visual requirements. By combining real-time data integration, rich data visualization with interactive features in a single, user-friendly application, Synergy Codes empowers data-driven decisions, process automation and overall company productivity”. – elaborates Michał Bruździak, Key Account Manager at Synergy Codes.

At the Advanced Engineering 2019 Synergy Codes will be presenting Smartly – recently developed software for factory management. “Smartly is our showpiece application created to present capabilities of Synergy Codes in developing smart, cutting-edge solutions for the manufacturing industry ”. – says Maciej Teska. “We took the most from device connectivity solutions and developed software that turns real-time data into meaningful insights”. – adds Michał Bruździak. “However, Smartly isn’t another application for just data monitoring. It gives users freedom to design plant components on interactive canvas. The application informs users about any alerts on an ongoing basis as well as allows predict any potential faults before they even happen and optimize asset usage and production output. So, in fact, what you get is a digital twin of your plant that you can manage remotely”. – he explains.

“We can’t wait to discuss with attendees our full potential of developing custom solutions for the manufacturing industry. We’ll wait for you at the Advanced Engineering 2019 at the stand number D28a”. – he ends.

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