What is diagram?

A diagram is – on the most generic level – a symbolic representation of information using visualization techniques that show how something works, not just representing or comparing numerical data.

A diagram is a very broad term that contains various types and subtypes of diagrams dedicated to multiple purposes.

Diagram Types

There are several classifications, but – again – in the most general level, we can divide the diagram family into three types:

  1. Logical or conceptual types, showing relationships between items, e.g.: 
  • Tree diagram
  • Network diagram 
  • Flowchart
  1. Quantitative types displaying a relationship between two variables in a continuous range of values, e.g.: 
  • Histogram 
  • Bar graph 
  • Pie chart
  1. Schematics, e.g.: 
  • Time–distance diagram
  • Three-dimensional diagram
  • Population density map

Diagram is abstract graphic portrayals of the subject matter they represent.

Richard K. Lowe “Diagrammatic information: techniques for exploring its mental representation and processing,” 1993.

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