What is Heat Map?

A heat map tracks and records what visitors are doing on the website, gathering data on their mouse movements, such as clicking on links and buttons, hovering, or scrolling.

Heat maps are widely used to analyze the user experience and optimize websites’ design in terms of increasing conversion rate. 

Types of heat maps

Based on the action they track, heat maps can be divided into:

  • Click maps – an illustration of the sections of your website that users are most likely to click on. They display the most clicked-on (or tapped-on in the case of mobile sites) elements, the so-called hot spots.  
  • Scroll maps show you how far people scroll down on your website, indicating their engagement level in the delivered content. 
  • Hover or move maps – track how users navigate the page, showing what elements gain their attention the most and what they’re skipping through their journeys.

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