What is Planogram?

A planogram is a schematic drawing or plans helpful in increasing the efficiency of using space and maximize sales. It can take the shape of a diagram or model indicating the placement of items on shelves or the arrangement of the entire warehouse.

Planograms are commonly used by merchants of any scale. Still, they are beneficial, particularly for the biggest retailers or grocery stores that offer various products from many suppliers and have to display them in a specific space to draw consumers’ attention.

Benefits of Planogram in Retail

  • The main goal is to ensure that every square of a retail store is well used. 
  • They deliver detailed guidelines for employees to enable them to keep on top of restocking.
  • Planograms allow keeping the same or similar arrangement in every store belonging to the retail chain. 
  • They allow implementing sales improvement by displaying products in a way that pushes customers to make purchase decisions.
  • They ease out to use cross- and upselling sales strategies.

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