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For over a decade, Synergy Codes has been the #1 GoJS development consultant
recommended by Northwoods – the founder of GoJS.

GoJS Product
Design Team

A dedicated UX/UI team specialized in creating outstanding diagrams

200+ GoJS
Completed Projects

We provide templates based on thousands of industry-specific projects

40+ GoJS
Pre-Built Components

Discover dozens of ready-to-use custom features

Advanced GoJS Features

See the components we’ve built using GoJS and can integrate with your software, saving you time and money on development. We can also create tailored components that enhance your tool with more useful visualizations.

Real-Time Collaboration

Experience engaging and intuitive diagramming collaboration on any project

Optimized Layouting Algorithms

Get better performancewith custom objects while keeping your app optimized

Modern Nodes and Links

Set an attractive look for your diagram parts faster and use additional custom nodes

Undo & Redo

Use an extended undo and redo manager integrated with the entire app

Support for Multiple Diagrams

Align several diagrams at once and display them top-down

3rd Party Components

Use and integrate components and charts taken from external libraries

Large Data Sets Support

Work on thousands of data bits on one canvas and rely on fast rendering

Data Import/Export

Handle data via external format support and apply it in your advanced tool

Real-Time Monitoring Systems

Connect your back-end with the front-end to enable data collection in real-time

Anytime we have a customer that requires full development services involving GoJS, we recommend the Synergy Codes Team

Jason Stewart Northwoods Software

Real-Life Cases Built with GoJS

Building a Product Configurator for the Automotive Industry

Building the Product Configurator for Automotive Industry

Building a Product Configurator for the Automotive Industry

This visual solution supports existing PLM management in defining the product configuration. It helps engineers to eliminate errors when designing new products.

  • Interactive Decision Flow Diagrams implemented
  • The advanced Admin & User Modes
  • Bill of Materials for precise calculations

Performance Uplift for Schematic Editor

Uplifting Performance for Schematic Editor

Performance Uplift for Schematic Editor

We crafted an intuitive Schematic Editor for the leading developer of open Real-Time Digital Simulators and Hardware-in-the-Loop. It enables the fast creation of an electric network.

  • Operations on an extensive set of defined blocks
  • Creation of multiple models and saving them to a database
  • Real-time data validation and simulations enabled

Global Integrations for a Data-Driven Company

Global Integrations for Data-Driven Company

Global Integrations for a Data-Driven Company

This interactive dashboard enables building business processes and information flows. Plan, manage, and control all data within the company.

  • Process flow diagram with multi-level nodes nesting  
  • Gantt chart for smooth tasks management 
  • Embedded online spreadsheets for adding any content 

Supercharging GoJS

Rely on global data visualization experts in the field of GoJS who can support your projects in a wealth of areas

IoT Data Mining

Monitor real-time data and notify users about possible machine issues

Machine Learning

Use ML-powered layout algorithms to improve the system’s feedback with data analysis & predictions

Knowledge Graphs

Upgrade data analysis using modern graph databases

Back-End Accelerated Diagrams

Sync diagram with backend state in real-time to avoid business logic errors


Augment UX with a product that adapts to actions automatically

Big Data Visualization

Use optimal automatic layouts and our graph theory knowledge to visualize data


I’m Lucas – VP of Engineering at SynergyCodes. As one of the most experienced GoJS experts we’ve got onboard, I’m keen to advise and suggest the best approach to utilizing GoJS.

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Clients from startups to Fortune 500 companies


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Synergy Codes skyrockets your tool by implementing modern front-end libraries and frameworks and back-end solutions beside GoJS


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Trusted Partners

Located in the CET time zone, we cooperate with businesses of all sizes, from startups to leading global enterprises, representing industries such as: automotive, gas&oil, Big Data and finance, to name a few.

“I appreciate both the code and the product design advisory I received from Synergy Codes”

Daniel Balaceanu Head of Products at DRUID AI

“It’s been a pleasure for us to deal with Synergy Codes. They’re very good at capturing our needs. Their analysts have added value to our project through not only understanding our needs, but by proposing better ideas where they’re able to. I like the agile methodology they used. They’ve always been open, flexible, and they deliver quickly. They always try to improve the process of delivery and development, as well as the quality of the code / product developed.”

Vincent Lapointe OPAL-RT Technologies

“Synergy Codes is at the top of the charts regarding timeliness, accuracy, completeness, and budget compliance.”

Robert Scott CTO & Co-Founder, EON Collective

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• Accelerate your and your team’s work
• Build a tool that is easy to scale

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Maciej Teska Synergy Codes CEO

You’re in good hands! As a European technological business partner with a 5-star Clutch review, Synergy Codes designs, builds, and develops custom and interactive low-code tools to visualize data and processes. Our experts deliver the exact outcome you need with clear code implemented.

Maciej Teska Synergy Codes CEO