We are GoJS PRO


Real-time collaboration

Grow team performance with simultaneous editing, no matter the location. Track changes in real-time within one workspace.


Fast change reversion

Whenever changes must be applied, the advanced undo option facilitates a quick reversion in one go.


Intuitive diagramming

More intuitive line forking leads to diagram creation in a flash, enabling branching off from every single point on the line.


Collab between tools

Whatever the tool is on board, merging it with GoJS is a cinch. It enables importing data from external apps for more handy work.


Sync with database

Real-time integration of existing algorithms with GoJS enables displaying all data changes in the database on the canvas.


Simplified diagramming

Show the node’s flow by the width of the links to simplify diagram readability. Fitting business logic and crafted algorithms improve scattered data visualizing.

Anytime we have a customer that requires full development services involving GoJS, we recommend the Synergy Codes Team.

Jason Stewart,
Northwoods Software

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