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For over a decade, Synergy Codes has been the #1 GoJS development consultant
recommended by Northwoods – the founder of GoJS.

10+ GoJS
product designers

Work with a dedicated UX/UI team specialized in designing GoJS diagrams for datasets of all sizes

100+ completed
GoJS projects

With dozens of projects delivered year after year, we help you visualize your data with clarity and precision

40+ pre-built
GoJS components

Create your data product 2x times faster and with premade GoJS feature extensions

11+ years of
GoJS experience

Count on our expertise with GoJS to launch projects and solve technical issues fast

100+ clients, from startups
to established SaaS businesses

We apply our experience with clients of various shapes, sizes and profiles to enhance your data software with custom GoJS visualization

40+ GoJS
specialists on board

Ensure your project runs smoothly with our team of experts

Enhance your data visualizations
with 40+ GoJS features

See the components we’ve built using GoJS and can integrate with your software, saving you time and money on development. We can also create tailored components that enhance your tool with more useful visualizations.

Real-time collaboration

Enhance productivity by collaborating on diagrams with multiple users and sharing edits in real time

Diagram detail levels

Simplify complex diagrams and reduce rendering time by adjusting data display to zoom levels

Attractive nodes and links

Build stunning diagrams with attractive nodes and links for an enjoyable user experience

Undo & Redo Manager

Enable quick reversal and repetition of actions across your app including diagrams and other components

Sub-diagrams support

Break down complex data into smaller sets and zoom in on a selected diagram section to learn more

Third-party components

Integrate components and charts from external libraries of your choice

Large data support

Use high-speed rendering to work on thousands of data bits on one canvas

Data import and export

Manage data in multiple formats from different sources and pipe it to various tools

Real-time monitoring systems

Display your monitoring sensors’ data on an interactive canvas in real time

Anytime we have a customer that requires full development services involving GoJS, we recommend the Synergy Codes Team

Jason Stewart Northwoods Software

Successful implementations
of GoJS diagramming solutions

A product configurator for the automotive industry

Building the Product Configurator for Automotive Industry

A product configurator for the automotive industry

Client benefits:

  • Better decision-making with user-friendly diagrams, separate admin/user modes 
  • Accurate cost estimates, efficient sharing of information using decision diagrams and materials lists   
  • Fewer errors in selecting car parts thanks to automated checking systems 

Schematic editor for building electric circuits

Uplifting Performance for Schematic Editor

Schematic editor for building electric circuits

Client benefits: 

  • Real-time checks for faster electric circuit creation  
  • Simplified, user-friendly interface  
  • Virtualization for efficient handling of electric schemes with millions of elements   
  • Design process offering flexibility and control over various diagram sections 

A front-end makeover for an IT solutions and consulting company

Global Integrations for Data-Driven Company

A front-end makeover for an IT solutions and consulting company

Client benefits: 

  • Process flow diagram for a clear view of business activities  
  • Improved user interface with a new sidebar featuring 25 controls    
  • Gantt chart for efficient project management with   
  • Better data visualization and analysis with online spreadsheets 

Upgrade your GoJS diagrams

Use extra tools and technologies to take your GoJS diagrams to the next level

Internet of things

Use IoT data to build digital twins of real-world systems on GoJS diagrams

Machine learning

Get best data clarity in diagrams using machine learning to optimally place elements

Knowledge graphs

Visualize advanced knowledge graphs to better understand complex data connections

Diagrams synced with the back end

Keep your diagrams up to date by syncing them with the back-end state in real time

Artificial intelligence

Use AI to automatically adjust diagrams based on user actions

Big data visualization

Simplify analysis of big data with our automatic layouts

Our developers work closely with client teams. This ensures knowledge transfer and offers clients the know-how for future maintenance. If needed, we train clients’ developers in GoJS, Angular and React. Improving their skills enables them to integrate advanced front-end frameworks with data visualization libraries for collaborative apps, performance optimization, and correct front-end architecture. 

Lukasz Jazwa

VP of Engineering at Synergy Codes 

Rock-solid GoJS integrations

Boost your data platform by connecting it to modern front-end libraries, frameworks, and back-end technologies


(Including NextJS)







Our clients

We help businesses of all sizes from IT, automotive, gas and oil, big data, finance, and more to enhance their analytics and BI products 

“I appreciate both the code and the product design advisory I received from Synergy Codes”

Daniel Balaceanu Head of Products at DRUID AI

“It’s been a pleasure for us to deal with Synergy Codes. They’re very good at capturing our needs. Their analysts have added value to our project through not only understanding our needs, but by proposing better ideas where they’re able to. I like the agile methodology they used. They’ve always been open, flexible, and they deliver quickly. They always try to improve the process of delivery and development, as well as the quality of the code / product developed.”

Vincent Lapointe OPAL-RT Technologies

“Synergy Codes is at the top of the charts regarding timeliness, accuracy, completeness, and budget compliance.”

Robert Scott CTO & Co-Founder, EON Collective

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Maciej Teska Synergy Codes CEO

Many organizations need support with custom data features for their BI products and use third-party data presentation tools. They can save time and resources by building a solution that meets their need for modern data visualization and attracts new users.

Maciej Teska Synergy Codes CEO