designed to be awesome

01 Smart building app

Making coplexity simple

The more complicated, the simpler. We support you whenever you look for neat interactive dashboards for easier operation of a complex app. Be sure to get a practical and visually attractive front-end, including a mobile version.

02 Smartly

Matching with hardware

A business tie is based on solutions merging the client’s infrastructure and pre-existing hardware, like sensors monitored via the app. It’s about boosting features by tailoring the tools. Get the real-time tools based on IoT with matching UX.

03 Graphs & Algorithms

Merging logic and visuals

There are specific cases in terms of logic. For sure, you need custom-crafted algorithms that respond to your clear-cut needs. When logic and visual aspects meet together, the solutions for a proper display of complicated data emerge!

Our design process

Our design process

01 Understand

The first meeting is crucial. The work starts with figuring out your needs and understanding the business goals by implementing sharp research and discussion.

02 Define

We take time to build the concept and work on the strategy to deliver an intuitive and human-oriented design. It’s based on full cooperation between us and you.

03 Ideate

We craft information architecture and high-level concepts based on wireframes. Our frontend pros, testers, designers and copywriters overwatch the expected results.

04 Prototype

This phase covers designing mockups and building interactive prototypes. Here’s also the moment to analyze all your suggestions to improve the prepared output.

05 Test

It’s vital to test the app and apply all changes to deliver a ready-to-use tool. The UI designers and the development team’s collab ensure achieving the set goals.

Ready to art awesome apps?

We make it from scratch to accompany you at every step of your plan. Equipped with a multidimensional data visualization tool, get ready to grow your business like a boss.