Consulting and development services for React Flow

Experience the power of React Flow with our expert consulting and development services that harness the benefits of no-code solutions. 

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Professional React Flow services

Synergy Codes has been delivering custom data visualization and diagramming services for over a decade. Now you can rely on us for outstanding React Flow assistance.  

User-centered UX

Using extensive design processes, we create user-friendly tools with a focus on delivering a satisfying experience that leaves our end-users fully satisfied.

Dozens of completed
React Flow projects

As experienced React Flow specialists, we deliver easy-to-use custom features chosen by our clients that simplify solution creation

Dedicated Product Design

The dedicated React Flow team handles the entire solution creation process – from the design phase to full front-end development

Use cases built with React Flow

Leveling of details for complex diagrams solution

We delivered a solution based on React Flow diagrams for a data-oriented software company. The project focused on presenting the leveling of details for complex diagrams using zoom-in and zoom-out features.

  • Readability improvement thanks to displaying various data depending on the level of zoom
  • Better performance of large diagrams based on application of appropriate algorithm
  • Less time-consuming in terms of processing time and memory

Solution for easy org chart navigation

We created a solution for a large company that required a well-designed and easy-to-use org chart application. As it’s the best way to present the hierarchy and connections between associates within the organization, we decided to spice it up with extra features: 

  • easy navigation for smooth and fast search for the appropriate individuals in the company’s structure 
  • adding additional information about employees, such as picture, roles, or current projects  
  • zoom in and zoom out to see entire whole diagram with or without additional information 

A no-code, drag-and-drop solution for visualizing and mapping complex service flows

For an innovative augmented reality platform that enables businesses to create engaging and interactive AR experiences for their customers, we built a comprehensive solution that enables users to create manuals without needing an agency for the end-users.

  • Creation of routines and flows without coding knowledge 
  • Remote guidance for end-users interacting with physical products
  • Smart integrations within flows for enhanced experiences and data-driven ROI

Advanced React Flow features our clients love

Explore React Flow components developed by our specialists for seamless integration and cost-effective diagramming solutions. Elevate your software with enhanced visualizations.


Create an accessible flow with keyboard-friendly nodes and edges to enable user-friendly operations.


Collaborate with others on the same diagram simultaneously and build multi-user flows and editors


Use an extended undo and redo manager integrated with not only the diagram but the entire app

External plugins & addons

Boost your diagramming flow with external libraries (video/image editor or creator) to expand your tool’s usability

Customized components

Use embedded HTML to customize the diagram’s appearance, custom links, and nodes

Automatic layouts

Get better performance from your tool with custom objects while keeping your app optimized

The image presents Synergy Codes Office
I really recommend Synergy Codes, the data visualization and diagramming agency with whom we have formed a close partnership. Their expertise in leveraging our library to its fullest potential has truly impressed me. I am grateful for the collaboration and the exceptional results they have achieved using React Flow.Moritz Klack,
Co-Founder at React Flow

How do you benefit from React Flow partners?

Rely on global diagramming experts in the field of React Flow who beef up your projects with no-code functionalities.

Stay proactive and
react swiftly

Real-time data monitoring in helps you avoid problems and react fast to changes


Enhance your diagrams with components from other libraries’ to stay ahead of competitors

Unleash creativity

Add value to your diagrams with external plugins to implement graphics, video, and other media

Error-free business

Maintain real-time sync with the backend state to prevent business logic errors

Effortless AI

Automate diagram generation and enable interactive capabilities with AI to save time and effort compared to manually creating diagrams


Let anyone access your diagram without technical knowledge thanks to simple drag-and-drop features


I’m Lucas – VP of Engineering at SynergyCodes. As one of the most experienced diagramming experts we’ve got onboard, I’m here to advise you on maximizing the benefits you can get from React Flow. 

Why work with Synergy Codes?


years of
diagramming experience


clients from
startups to Fortune 500 companies


React experts on board

Our customers

“We appreciate Synergy Codes’ code and product design advisory a lot.”

„They have great technical knowledge and are very easy to work with.”

“They’re great at communicating, being transparent, and customer-focused.”

“They do UX and front-end rendering for small businesses collaboratively and adaptably.”

Customize your diagrams with expert React Flow services

As the only technology and business partner for React Flow – a highly customizable React component for building node-based editors and interactive diagrams – Synergy Codes supports the use of the library in several ways:

  • Enhanced user experience: Eliminate complexities with intuitive, user-friendly, and visually appealing interfaces. Boost your user experience with efficient diagramming that combines great front-end technologies and outstanding data visualization.
  • Exclusive collaboration: Synergy Codes is the sole custom development partner for React Flow, utilizing their open-source library to deliver tailored solutions while supporting library creators.
  • Unparalleled expertise: Leverage our extensive knowledge in React and diagramming to achieve advanced and custom diagram solutions that meet unique business needs.

We support clients in providing custom, advanced components based on React Flow, which allows for making the final product more attractive and quick implementation.

Maciej Teska Synergy Codes CEO

You’re in good hands! As a European technological business partner with the 5-star Clutch review, Synergy Codes designs, builds, and develops custom and interactive low-code tools to visualize data and processes. It all resulted in delivering the exact outcome with the clear code implemented.

Maciej Teska Synergy Codes CEO