4 Tips on How to Manage Your Event Company

4 Tips on How to Manage Your Event Company

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4 Tips on How to Manage Your Event Company

There are so many elements to coordinate when you’re running an event company. Your clients’ ideas are getting crazier and crazier, your budget is limited, time is running out, and suppliers are knocking at your door. At the same time, exhibitors are eager to see a visualization of the event space and the sound system provider is pestering you for the deposit. Is it possible to stay sane and keep control over the whole process? We’d like to share our ideas with you on how to manage your business more effectively using data visualization.

Operating an event company is an artform combining HR, financial, planning skills, and much more. You have to arrange the venue while keeping in mind that exhibitors can be very demanding and artists are sometimes fussy. Things aren’t easier with your partners and clients, who want you to execute complex plans on a shoestring budget. There are so many costs to calculate that you can feel the pressure rising almost by the second.

Take a deep breath and try to relax because we’re about to present you with some clever solutions.


Since many events are replicable, you can create a few scenarios which will serve as patterns for future events. Having this foundation will save you some time and let you focus on planning more detailed tasks.

You can also do a brainstorming session with your team and make a list of all the potential risks and pitfalls. Of course you aren’t able to predict every accident during the event planning, but you can draft a code of conduct to follow if one were to happen. In the dynamic environment events take place in, it’s necessary to plan, monitor, and review everything.


It’s a good idea to invest in an app that lets you keep all your important documents and arrangements in one place. Just one click to see event and team schedules, tasks, roles, cost forms, and a supply and catering list. The app should enable you to assign tasks to team members, record invoices, and cross out items from checklists.


You can quickly answer all those nagging questions about your space capabilities by offering exhibitors a tool for visualizing their booths. They can design their booth using pre-defined elements and dimensions. The tool could also present the plan of the entire hall. This would allow the exhibitor to see exactly where their stand will be located or to move it somewhere else if they prefer another location.


Nothing can annoy participants before an event like problems with the ticketing process. Late reservation confirmations or the inability to book multiple tickets at once can be a real nightmare for them. Make their life easier and automate the reservation process using a fast and intuitive ticketing platform.


Data visualization is used not only for displaying information on charts but also for organizing them and developing simulations. GoJS – the JavaScript library – lets us create a dynamic layout with movable elements. You can also alter the dimensions of objects manually and select components from the palette. It aids the user in positioning elements by offering guiding lines, snapping to grid, and alignment functionalities. Furthermore, each object can be intuitively described using a range of visual tools like tooltips or custom adornments.


If you would like to put the four tips in this article to practical use, a few handy solutions can be built to cover all your business needs. A custom app could consist of several parts. One of them would be devoted to the event planning with ready-made schemes and easy checklists. Another part would allow you to manage your team’s tasks and work time, as well as monitor suppliers and catering companies.

Another application would be dedicated to partners. They would be able to design their booths and position them in the hall using data visualization. The final platform, for booking tickets and managing reservations, would be made for event attendees.

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