If your voice isn’t heard - let’s make some noise.

If you like what you do, then don’t call it a job. We cherish the positive vibes, neverending wish to develop and search for new routes to broaden the expertise horizons. Become a member of the Synergy Codes Squad and find your perfect place to be, to live and to experience.

Perks & benefits you deserve

Organizational culture & atmosphere are our best benefits.
Feel free to be yourself. We secure our mates’ own autonomous space in which they develop, and thus it has an impact on our company’s growth. Satisfaction from cooperating with experienced and enthusiastic people, participation in team-building events, and fun which are a crucial part of our work.

How we dive for pearls

Our five-step recruitment process provides not only the opportunity to select the best candidates but what’s even more important, we can befriend with the future employees. We welcome with arms wide open those, who have the x-factor that enriches our squad.

Check if there’s a match

Our recruiters take their time to review your resume.

Find out who we are

Expect a brief call from us to get to know you a bit better.

Let’s meet and talk

It’s time to evaluate your tech and non-tech skills.

All about feedback

We take a few days to return to you with extended feedback.

Perfect match leads to Synergy

Get on board and meet the Synergy Squad

The team is the thing

We improve beyond technology. Our team makes us future-ready. If coding runs through your bloodstream - jump on board.

We cherish the open approach to voice opinions, ideas sharing, and mutual learning. The right structure enables us to keep space to grow and stay on the right track.

Feel free to express yourself. Putting rhyming comments into code, wearing colorful slippers, or singing at work? Whatever you want! We just love an open and easy-going culture.

Wanna join the Squad?

If like us, you want to be yourself at work, you’re constantly striving for self-development, and the opportunity to see the real effects of your work gives you an energetic kick, well … we have a lot in common!