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We are experts in custom development and specialize in improving digital products with advanced data visualizations.


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„I appreciate both the code and the product design advisory I received from Synergy Codes”

Daniel Balaceanu, Head of Products, Druid AI

“They have great technical knowledge and are very easy to work with”

Guillaume Bodet, CEO Zeenea CEO, Zeenea

“Synergy Codes is at the top of the charts regarding timeliness, accuracy, completeness, and budget compliance.”

Robert Scott, CTO & Co-Founder, EON Collective

The Area of Data Visualization Expertise

Turn complicated challenges into simple solutions with modern data visualization. Enable better data understanding for an effective product life cycle.

Diagram & Chart Visualization

Make data easy to grasp, showcase complex facts, and impress your end users with remarkable data visualization. Tell the story with spot-on diagrams, charts, and graphs, and help your readers quickly interpret what’s vital.

Graph Visualization

Don’t struggle with the limitations of nodes and unreadable visual representation. Replace data sets with premade graph components and connect your software with a range of data sources like PostgreSQL, Excel, XML, Visio, etc.

Interactive Dashboards

Adjust your tool with customizable dashboards that let you interact with the data. Load the desired information, adjust the dashboard to your needs, get a helicopter view of your data, and catch up with any changes that take place.

Custom UX/UI

Design and build your app with limitless UX/UI possibilities. Change your app into a powerful tool that is easy to navigate and scale. Whatever your idea of data display is – diagrams, charts, graphs, dashboards, or anything else – a dedicated design team is ready to help.

See Our Data Visualization Projects Portfolio

See how we improve the usability, performance, scalability, and interactivity of complex tools with custom data visualization. 

Complexity made simple with visually aggregated healthcare patient records Data VisualizationPerformance boosts with digitised passenger flow for airport infrastructure Data VisualizationBetter scalability by turning complex processes into interactive visualizations Data VisualizationInteractivity in the smart building management tool Data Visualization
Complexity made simple with visually aggregated healthcare patient records Data Visualization
Complexity made simple with visually aggregated healthcare patient records

The application enriches patient data records and analytics by displaying data from different sources and unifying their view. The solution enables database quality scoring and supports business intelligence by aggregating information from multiple data warehouses.

Performance boosts with digitised passenger flow for airport infrastructure Data Visualization
Performance boosts with digitised passenger flow for airport infrastructure

The presented solution provides IoT sensor data insights by integrating, illustrating, and interpreting information in real-time to improve customer service and passenger flow and reduce costs of accommodating passenger growth.

Better scalability by turning complex processes into interactive visualizations Data Visualization
Better scalability by turning complex processes into interactive visualizations

The solution helps enterprise-level companies to capture the details of tasks and interactions with processes to deliver data overviews. It augments the business process model with supporting information flow documentation and assists human resources management.

Interactivity in the smart building management tool Data Visualization
Interactivity in the smart building management tool

This comprehensive data visualization application enables scheduling meetings, reporting faults, and checking the office’s conditions in intelligent buildings. It allows for automated building monitoring and controlling via an intuitive dashboard.


Our Design Team is a result of merging processes and team spirit. UX specialists and developers respond to your needs by choosing the right technology and blending it with modern visualization methods. We deliver high-level app prototypes that meet any of your goals.

Are You Facing Any of These Problems?

Do you wait too long to market your visualization features and product? Find solutions below that elevate your software products and beat the competition.

Outdated Technologies in Use

Leave old technologies behind and say goodbye to potential security breaches in your software. Get support with solving tech problems and integrating with modern libraries using new and developing technologies.

Lost Deals

Implement “wow” features to elevate your product. Outperform competitors with a clean and aesthetically pleasing UI to make your tool more appealing for your clients thanks to ready-to-go user-oriented features implemented in your software.

Low Performance

Make your application render faster and optimize the size of the loaded data. Thanks to virtualization, we can reduce the time needed to show visualizations. Your end users save time and can display as much data as they desire.

Poor Responsiveness

Ensure the right responsiveness across devices: PCs and mobile. Design your application’s look & feel with the help of an experienced team of designers to get the right, responsive web design.

Unattractive UI & Unintuitive UX

Improve your user journey and increase efficiency thanks to custom UI and UX. Get the best design solutions, whether you’re starting from scratch or evolving your design. Ensure the best experiences and update your design.

Lack of Development Manpower

Employ the most experienced front-end professionals to work on your project – people who know the technology and UX/UI design. Overcome a lack of experts and technology debt to ensure faster time-to-market.


I’m Lukas, the VP of Engineering at Synergy Codes. We’re a trusted partner in data visualization and deliver tailored project strategies: PoC, MVP, and Full Product Development. Choose your service: We offer custom UX / UI, code audit, dedicated development, and a product design team to help you surpass your competitors.

The Technology Behind the Data Visualization

Get the most out of your data with interactive data visualization products that integrate with modern frameworks and platforms. 

Data Visualization Components we Use in Our Projects

See components we’ve built using modern frameworks and can integrate with your software, saving you time and money for development. We can also deliver custom solutions that elevate your tool with tailored visualizations.

Light-Weight Charts

Use canvas-based graphs or diagrams components so your application runs smoother than when using SVG.

Real-Time Alerts

Be informed about potential process errors immediately and be ready to react as soon as an alert occurs.

Collaborative Tool

Share a workspace in real-time with others. Improve teamwork and project progress by using various communication methods.

Automatic Layouts

Make your diagrams and graphs easy to read. Pick the most accurate composition of nodes based on the data they describe.


Add or remove widgets to create dashboards. Analyze metrics in one place, spot issues immediately, or add information ad hoc.


Customize objects, connectors, labels, and other elements of diagrams. Make your work easier by changing the user interface.

Diagrams or Graphs

Create charts from scratch, even if they aren’t available in ready-made libraries. Add extra custom components.


Speed up the rendering of thousands of data points and improve the visibility of information by clever resource management.


Employ advanced animations to illustrate progression and see how data changes within periods.

Elevate your Projects with Modern Data Visualization Services

Create data-driven solutions working with world-leading data design and technology consultants.

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• Sync your back end with the front end for faster performance

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Maciej Teska Synergy Codes CEO

You’re in good hands! As a European technological business partner with a 5-star Clutch review, Synergy Codes designs, builds, and develops custom and interactive low-code tools to visualize data and processes. The result is delivering the outcome you want with clean code implemented.

Maciej Teska Synergy Codes CEO