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Our Product Design Services specialize in data visualization and diagramming by integrating excellent design skills and technical know-how. It leads to creating unique products grounded on the client’s business requirements.

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Customers around the globe depend on Synergy Codes for our Design Team Services expertise in data visualization. We accompany you at every step of your plan to grow your business.


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Our Product Design Service process

Our Product Design Services are tailored to help you create engaging and user-friendly data visualization solutions, no matter how complex the initial project is. We can help you bring your vision to life, whether you need help with one stage of the process or the entire journey.


Give your product idea a shape to accomplish your business goals and eliminate possible mistakes

Product Design Workshop
Product Design Workshop

Collaborative session where we brainstorm and develop new product ideas together, using various tools and techniques

Scoping Session
Scoping Session

Collaborative meeting to define and document the project goal and constraints

Design Thinking
Design Thinking

The iterative problem-solving approach that focuses on understanding the user’s needs, exploring creative solutions, prototyping and testing ideas to reach innovative and practical design solutions

UX & Prototyping

Refine and validate your idea with interactive prototypes to make sure it works well

Low-fidelity mockups
Low-fidelity mockups

Simplified representations of your design, which can be used to gather feedback and iterate quickly


Ways users engage with a product or service and how it responds to their actions

UX Audit
UX Audit

A comprehensive review of a product’s user experience to identify usability issues and suggest improvements

UI Design

Create final look and feel of the product to ensure right user experience and visual consistency

Design system
Design system

Reusable components, guidelines, and principles ensure product consistency and cohesiveness

High-fidelity mockups
High-fidelity mockups

Realistic and detailed representation of your design, incorporating interactive elements for a lifelike prototype

Motion design
Motion design

Captivating combinations of animation, graphics, and typography for a standout product experience

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Let’s create the perfect process for your data product development. Use the diagram and learn about the possibilities of starting cooperation with our Product Design team on various levels. No surprises – just partnership!

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Start with the Product Design workshop

For top-notch product design services and the best possible outcome, a well-executed pre-development phase is crucial. Our experience has shown that an intensive discovery workshop is the most effective way to prepare and design data products, whether you have a development team or outsource the work. Check out our game plan below to learn more.

Step #1Internal Desk Research

The first step includes extensive research about the client’s product or service. It is necessary to provide baseline information to understand better the client’s marketplace and project industry structure or trends. It helps us be on the same page with the client.

  • Competition Analysis
  • Interviews
  • UX Research
Step #2Workshop Session

The workshops’ primary goal is to deeply understand real users’ problems, based on shared understanding between team and client, and then find the right solution.

  • Personas
  • User Story Mapping
  • Value Proposition Canvas
Step #3After Workshops

After each workshop session, there is time for internal brainstorming and analyzing earned materials. We polish user flows, create mockups, and consult technology solutions.

  • Wireframes
  • Report
Step #4Project Scope Estimates

Straightforward communication is the key to effective cooperation, so we want to present time and cost estimates as its base. Workshops results enable us to prepare an accurate valuation.

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Rely on expert Product Design for Data Visualization and explore our Dribbble shots showcasing projects enhanced with UX/UI designs that everyone will love.

Product Design Services experts


Our Design Team combines expertise in UX, technology, and visualization to deliver product that meet your goals.

We are passionate individuals with a wealth of skills and experience who collaborate seamlessly to deliver exceptional results.

Our cooperation with the Synergy Codes team proved they are a professional data visualization engineering company. They demonstrated exceptional technical skills, attention to detail, and a deep understanding of user experience. […]They kept us informed at every stage, promptly addressed our concerns or queries, and ensured a smooth collaboration from start to finish.

Alex Kuo Chairman, Riversoft

„I appreciate both the code and the product design advisory I received from Synergy Codes”

Daniel Balaceanu, Head of Products, Druid AI

Discover our competitive edge

We believe that successful product design goes beyond just creating something that looks good. Dive into the values guiding our work and explain how they shape our products.

design process

Enjoy direct contact with our product design services experts, tap into the extensive knowledge base, and stay informed with real-time updates on the progress of your project. Ensure you’re well-informed throughout the entire process of data product development.

Adaptable approach
to processes and tools

Enhance your efficiency by sticking to a consistent working environment, preserving your tools and processes, and gaining effortless project management experience.

Detailed project

Optimize delivering project outcomes with a shorter process by implementing proven solutions customized to your technical and visual needs. All while maintaining cost efficiency and controlling your budget to develop a perfect data product.

One experienced team for your product needs

Benefit from a single team covering all product development stages, designers who grasp technological constraints, and a user-centered design that’s both feasible and appealing.

Versatile components for effective product design

Secure comprehensive knowledge for future product development containing assets like discovery phase findings, high-level cost estimates, mockups, and a style guide.

Design & release your Product with world-class experts

Create visual data-driven solutions working with world-leading design and technology experts that deliver high-class product design services.

  • Rely on a dedicated project team with proven UX/UI expertise
  • Work out the best data visualization solutions tailored to your product
  • Become a true team player and have a real impact on your product

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