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01 Interactive dashboards

Modeling business processes is a big deal for us. Accurate distribution of any charts, Gantt, nodes, and maps, enables providing excellent data analysis and progress visualization. Visualizing data via interactive dashboards work for your success.

02 Diagrams & Graphs

Discover non-standard diagrams and charts for data design interactive, working in a friendly way, within a browser’s window. We mix viz techniques, tailored business logic, and dedicated algorithms to simplify graph data reading.

03 Business process modeling

Smooth data & workflow management in even multi-department organizations can be a hard nut to crack. Crafted to represent relationships between units, our apps work for easy understanding. Even for knotty departments’ relations.

04 Collaboration tools

We craft simple & handy tools for real-time collaboration between multiple project members. From smooth diagramming to advanced process modeling - get the essence of GoJS within interactive dashboards, and experience amazing UX.

05 IoT solutions

We support smart solutions for manufacturing companies by building apps for digital visualization. Powered by IoT technologies, they enable reading data from sensors. The tool helps to monitor sensitive data in real-time, thus assessing the situation on point.

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