Each of us is different, but everyone’s all equal. What unites us is the constant pursuit of self-development, the freedom of self-expression, and the desire to feel a real contribution to the reality around us at work. Get to know us and become part of #SynergyCodesSquad if you feel like the mention aspects are as important to you as they’re to us!

Discover our teams

The protostellar mass in the Eagle Nebula has reached a critical mass. This event coincided with the fact that, at this point, the Eagle Nebula was close to a supermassive black hole. As a result, the enormous mass of the Eagle Nebula matter split into two parts. We named one of these masses using the old name - Eagle Nebula. The new one is the Lion Nebula. We are experts in managing the high entropy of projects, clients, and technologies. Our team manages the internal projects and tools to improve our work. But most of all, we guard MVP / PoC for new clients. There are Frontend, Backend, Mobile, and DevOps specialists in our ranks.

The Eagle Nebula team is at the forefront of the fight for a new customer. We evaluate new projects and create prototypes showing the possibilities of Synergy Codes. Also, we develop the company's internal products, which we later present at international fairs or during sales meetings.Thanks to the freedom of choice, each of our teammates develop in the individual direction. The combined expertise of our experts means that Frontend, Backend, Mobile, or Cloud has no secrets for us.

In Uranus, we are working on financial modeling solutions. The projects are always challenging and fun to work with, thanks to the newest technologies (such as React + Redux). We pay special attention to the purity of our code and tests. There's no room for compromise when it comes to quality. If you share our passion for the latest hi-tech and continuous improvement of your skills, the Uranus is a perfect place for you!

Sirius is the brightest star in the night sky. We specialize in frontend development for our American client. We are responsible for creation and maintenance of modern component library targeted for our client’s applications. We also collaborate with Phoenix team in client’s main application development in all front-end specific subjects. Our core technology is angular framework.

We're looking after a large American client and ensure the high quality of the delivered software. The experienced Angular devs and BA/QA on board bravely track for bugs and translate the client's ideas into the programming language. We're Angular so are our codes, supported by the freshest industry trends we follow.

Makemake is a team named after the dwarf planet, but our deeds are great. Every day we work on IoT projects according to the Industry 4.0 concept, where we develop and care for high standards that later are spread in the company. The combination of our different personalities creates a ninja team ready for new challenges sourced in the frontend, backend, and mobile apps.

The Solaris is a team from the farthest end of our office. We can't say much, but our work makes the world and people safer every day. Our team consists of two fearless developers and BA/QA who keeps everything in order. Our client praises us for the strength of youth and a spark of genius, which are worth pointing out.

The Phoenix team, like a mythical bird, has been reborn anew in Synergy Codes! We are a strong, harmonious, and inseparable team that perfectly resembles the unchanging constellation of Phoenix stars. It's a mix of amazing people for whom the word "impossible" does not exist.

We're designers with various yet complementary skills on board. With design combat experience like Ninjas, we fight for better designs in our client's app and defend our user's needs. It never is enough to get just good output - we want it to be awesome!

A hypernova is a very energetic supernova thought to result from an extreme core-collapse scenario. We're designers with a great amount of skills on board. Together with Supernova we also fight for better designs in our client's app and defend our user's needs.

Our irreplaceable trio of project managers - on a daily basis, we ensure all planned projects are delivered on time and fit the budget. We also provide great support for our leaders. Providing good advice, monitoring projects, and working closely with them are the tasks we guard the best we can.

As the brightest star in the sky, the amazing mix of passionate people leads the way of the company’s promotion - creating an image on and off the web. We stand behind the brand voice, take care of social media channels. Glowing in the dark, we shed more light on our projects and brief everyone on what's on.

The Sales team is fighting on the frontline of customer acquisition. We're armed with expertise, readiness to work immediately, and attractive long-term packages. In three, we provide the client with comprehensive service at the beginning of the adventure with Synergy Codes. We collect requirements, analyze them, and coordinate work on a tempting cooperation proposal.

The HR team is responsible for ensuring that everyone feels taken care of in the organization - from looking after the development or creating a culture of feedback, going through the uninterrupted information flow or recruiting, to taking care of administrative facilities or super integration. The Naos Team consists of five musketeers – five completely different personalities, creating the perfect dream squad!

Wanna join the Squad?

If like us, you want to be yourself at work, you’re constantly striving for self-development, and the opportunity to see the real effects of your work gives you an energetic kick, well … we have a lot in common! Contact us!