Effective recruitment process through the eyes of Synergy Codes

Effective recruitment process through the eyes of Synergy Codes

Wojciech Gąciarz

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Effective recruitment process through the eyes of Synergy Codes

Here’s a story of people who are recruiting and have been recruited to Synergy Codes. These are the learnings about the philosophy of the unique hiring process.

People are the key to synergy

Synergy is an interaction or cooperation giving rise to a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts. However, there is no synergy without relevant separate individual parts. In the case of an IT company, such fitting parts are passionate people who are happy to create, cooperate, and have fun from what they do.

That’s why the recruitment process in Synergy Codes is different. It is not only about hiring new employees. It is about finding the right people who will enjoy the ride together. The recruitment process in Synergy Codes is clear, transparent, repeatable, but what is the most important – tailored to each individual. Let’s see how it is designed and the philosophy behind it.

Synergy Codes teams discussing

One meeting, ten days, and a lot of feedback

The recruitment process in Synergy Codes is divided into five stages, takes no more than ten days, during which there is only one meeting with the candidate and results in lots of feedback for both hired and not hired. Everyone involved in the IT recruitment process knows exactly what the process will be like. It helps avoid much stress and make it as simple as possible.

From the very beginning, candidates know who will participate in their interviews. The dates of the meetings are set in consultation with the candidate, which gives candidates a sense of a relaxed and partnered way of communication. After the meeting, the candidate receives information on further steps. Detailed feedback about the candidate is also sent. It’s a unique, efficient recruitment process tailored to individual people.

Here are the five steps of the recruitment process in Synergy Codes.

Check, check

Just as a singer needs to check the microphone before a gig, Synergy Codes starts by checking if the resume submitted fits the company’s needs. It usually takes 1-2 days. HR answers every candidate with feedback, and I will talk about it later. If there is a green light from, then you can sing.

“Hello! Is it me you’re looking for?”

Don’t worry! Lionel Richie’s famous song takes about 4 minutes, but you don’t have to sing the whole piece when Maria or Magda from Synergy will call you (however you can!). Just chill, and be yourself. You will get more information about the company and your recruiting position. Don’t hesitate to share more information about your IT experience or ideas for growth.

Fix Up, Look Sharp

Mr. Rascal doesn’t appear to be struggling for work since the release of his “Fix Up, Look Sharp” song, and if you implement his advice, you probably won’t either.

There is only one interview during the whole recruitment process in Synergy Codes, so better be ready! You will meet with three people from Synergy Codes – an HR person and two IT developers. Before pandemics, interviews were held in person. Today, everything is being done remotely, but the main idea didn’t change. 

The conversation lasts about 2 hours. It is long, but we don’t have more interviews, follow-ups, or homework assignments. Based on this in-depth conversation, we decide whether we will work together. We try to ensure a friendly, informal atmosphere to reduce stress. You don’t need to worry. We are relaxed! Maria Wątroba – IT Recruitment Specialist at Synergy Codes.

The technical part takes on average about 1 hour. During this time, IT developers check the candidate as if he was at work. The candidate who has access to the network gets a real business case. Everything is done as if it was a typical day at work, not an artificial exam at school. The whole thing is a bit like live coding. What matters the most is practice, fundamental skills, and attitude, not certificates or degrees.

Our recruitment tasks are simple. People do not need advanced algorithms to solve them, but proficiency in JavaScript and language knowledge are essential. We try to make the recruitment not be a college exam. All tricks are allowed. You should treat the recruitment task as a regular job task. You can check the documentation, use Google or Youtube. Asking questions is very welcomed! If you ask questions, we know you are not afraid when you do not understand something. That you are open and want to solve the issue. I also learned that people often forget what they know during the recruitment tasks. In such situations, you especially need to talk about code. During the discussion about the code, we try to come to a suitable solution together. That is why we care more about communication skills and discussing the codeJakub KubackiR&D Leader at Synergy Codes.

In The Waiting Line and Feedback

“Wait in line, ‘Till your time. The ticking clock, Everyone stop.” – sings Sophie Barker in Zero 7’s song. You can listen to that relaxing song, however, not for a long time. You will get feedback from the recruitment process the next day after the interview. And if the decision is positive, then better play “Feedback” – a Janet Jackson song.

After the meeting, I talked to the developers involved in the given recruitment. We discuss the candidate. I verify whether the developers give the green light to hire that person. If everything is ok, then together with the HR team, we prepare a specific offer. Then I present it to the candidate the next day after the recruitment interview. I also give quick feedback on the personMaria Wątroba.


The perfect match leads to Synergy. A good recruitment process helps perfectly match the best people with each other. Then, when they work together, the synergy starts, and great things happen. So, it’s time to get on board and meet the #SynergyCodesSquad.

Feedback is the new black.

Giving feedback to employees in IT companies became popular. It is also something significant in everyday work at Synergy Codes. It is not a rigid corporation but open to people, ideas, and opinions. However, it is so profoundly rooted in companies’ culture that it could not be missing even in hiring.

They are giving instant feedback the day after the interview is one thing. Each candidate receives extensive feedback a few days later in the form of a document. The candidate learns the elements they perform well and those they should work on. This document includes both technical feedback and assessment of soft skills. From the first day at work, they know precisely which direction to develop.

I am happy with how much emphasis is placed on feedback at Synergy Codes. When I started the IT recruitment process, I wrote extensive feedback to candidates. It was quickly noticed and inspired our team to take action – Marysia cooperated with the dedicated team and as a result, we created a particular extensive feedback document template, the Feedback Form. It is a unique form of feedback that reaches everyone who took part in the recruitment. It includes those with whom the company has not decided to cooperate at the moment Dawid Perdek, Principal Developer at Synergy Codes.

Feedback form for a candidate
Feedback e-mail and form for a candidate

If the team decides not to work with a given candidate during the interview, it does not mean that the candidate is crossed out for the future. In such a situation, a person receives detailed technical feedback and soft skills. There are also a lot of links to articles, books, inspirations. So that you can continue to develop and, in time, join the Synergy Codes team.

At the end of all stages of recruitment, the new hire is asked to complete an anonymous NPS survey in which they rate the process. NPS is the net promoter score. It’s a widely used market research metric that typically takes the form of a single survey question asking respondents to rate the likelihood that they would recommend a company, product, or service to a friend or colleague. Work on the candidate feedback form results from suggestions derived from the NPS system.

Good advice: think independently and be open-minded

People from the HR team search for the best candidates. They organize meetings pre-verify, but the essential word belongs to the developers. They know their teams and their needs. In this way, it is possible to find people who will fit the company’s needs. It also helps the candidates to find themselves well in the new reality.

As developers, we’re involved in the IT recruitment process to ensure our teams have the right people for the job. We evaluate candidates mainly in technical terms, but we also answer some questions. I like to take part in the hiring process. They give me the chance to actively build our team with the best people Dawid Perdek.

What do developers look for when verifying candidates? What do they pay most attention to? In contrast to appearances, it is not about memorizing all the documentation.

We are looking for technically competent people. Those who do not have to be highly skilled in particular technologies. Their knowledge is, of course, an advantage. What we want most are people who can think independently and are open-minded. An essential element influencing the choice is “chemistry,” i.e., fitting into the team. Sometimes you know if you want to work with somebody or notJakub Kubacki.

Recruitment process at Synergy Codes - we're happy you joined
We’re happy you’ve joined

The Wrap-up

The recruitment process in Synergy Codes is not only about checking if you have the skills required for the position. It is the opportunity to check if we’re a good fit for each other. The recruitment process in Synergy Codes is clear, transparent, repeatable, but what is the most important – tailored to each individual. It is designed by people, made for people, and executed humanly. Want to try and check for yourself?

Onboarding book page
Synergy Codes history – a page from an onboarding booklet

Drop us a message. Check our careers section. Cherish the positive vibes, never-ending wish to develop, and search for new routes to broaden expertise. Become a member of the Synergy Codes Squad and find your perfect place to be, live, and experience.