Ten reasons to choose custom charts and graphs

Ten reasons to choose custom charts and graphs

Paulina Kondratowicz

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Ten reasons to choose custom charts and graphs

Perfect diagramming software is a myth. At the same time, you can’t say it doesn’t really need to exist. Each solution aims to meet business demands in the most appropriate way to increase the effectiveness of the company. Going custom with charts and graphs means meeting the requirements and needs of the companies of each size.  

While ready-made solutions play a crucial role in the fast and reliable management of almost any task, they seem useless for more sophisticated projects. On the other hand, custom solutions require cooperation with various services and software development companies to hire a team of devs, UX designers, PMs, and others.  

Why is then better to go custom rather than to ready-made solutions? Let us explain.  

Why does business need custom charts and graphs solutions?  

Before we go with ten, why’s going custom with charts and graphs may be more profitable for your company, lets deep dive into reasoning the necessity of having custom graphs and charts in the company.  

The first thing is that there’s no strict rule which businesses should use custom charts and graphs. As such solutions are perfect tailored to any needs, startups and enterprise-level companies find these applicable at the same level. However, some projects require ‘less demanding’ solutions, and companies use ready-made tools to satisfy their needs. On the other hand, they might not be enough to work with loads of data or advanced processes and requirements.  

Some companies prefer custom solutions basing on internal requirements and safety data policies. It’s all about preventing data theft as custom tools secure data “in-house” by using the internal servers and safety regulations.  

The other x-factor of custom solutions is reducing manual and paperwork. As most companies digitize their work, the one crafted tool may replace several others and simplify the job. Most actions can be conducted via one device, even if it requires more than one team’s engagement.  

The final yes for the custom charts and graphs app is that they significantly lower the maintenance costs. The user pays much less for crafting, optimizing, and further scaling. It may seem expensive while buying the solution and the whole range of extra activities performing around the tool. Still, the overall price is much lower than the additional costs you’ll have to pay for any updates or repairs.  

Custom solutions for charts and graphs  

Depending on the user’s needs and requirements, there are three different types and levels of customization.  

  1. Entirely custom solutions are made from scratch. Their implementation describes legacy apps before the use of code libraries and APIs.  
  2. Entirely custom solutions are made from scratch. Their implementation describes legacy apps before the use of code libraries and APIs.  
  3. Entirely custom solutions are made from scratch. Their implementation describes legacy apps before the use of code libraries and APIs.  

Ten reasons to use custom chart and graph solutions 

Before you learn most of the pros of using the custom charts and graphs solutions, be aware that most custom solutions providers categorize them by functionality, architecture & scalability, cost-to-quality ratio, and maintenance factors.  

The below list will introduce you to the undoubted advantages of custom solutions for charts and graphs and give you an insight into what differentiates them from the ready-made ones. 

A tailored set of features

Time is money – they say. With custom solutions for charts and graphs, it is no different. These are one-stop solutions, which means the software development company provides end-to-end services covering development and deployment to maintain the customized solution. What the user finds the most crucial at the tool or solution is taking place. It makes the tool the full version equipped with the exact functionalities you expect.   

Formats and visualization you need 

Presenting data in a readable way can be achieved in various ways. Charts and graphs enable displaying them in the form of nodes and linking. The different types of charts and graphs would allow users to take most of the data with just a few clicks. What’s more, providing particular types of charts and graphs enables the users to understand well the correlations between data bits and build the chart at ease with valuable functions, such as drag&drop. Another great thing about custom charts and graphs is that a dedicated team of developers adjusts the suitable data formats to the expectations, making the work smooth. By using custom solutions for charts and graphs, you can get the chosen customization such as specific the node’s appearance, auto layout functionalities, and real-time actualizations, which may not be achievable in ready-made solutions. Customization isn’t limited to one particular software to craft the desired visualization. 

Business support 

Custom solutions for charts and graphs rely on the best understanding of your business. They ensure slower but thoughtful delivery, guaranteeing the best quality outcomes. While the IT development service gets familiar with your business thanks to repeatable meetings and discussions, you still take complete control of your files, databases, backups, services, and routines. What’s more – custom solutions providers deliver excellent support and personal relations. Custom solutions integrated with the existing IT architecture. It doesn’t matter if you use a cloud or server for data storing to engage the custom app to host it in the client’s architecture or use the other servers within it (e.g., servers storing the data or authentication servers). 

Safety assurance  

Custom solutions for charts and graphs are designed to ensure your data safety. All data provided by the user is stored in their databases. While the internal anti-bug and anti-malware attacks secure data, the solution is safe. The safety procedures can be conducted in various ways:  

  • Custom charts and graphs solutions operate in the client’s architecture, so the data won’t leak outside as they are stored in the internal sources. 
  • The ready-made solutions may include analytic tools which spy on the users. The custom solutions don’t perform such actions.  
  • The ready-made solutions may send data to the servers and be stored there, which isn’t always desirable. In custom solutions, the user decides on the data storage. 
  • Customized solutions enable the choice of saving and downloading data according to the client’s needs, including encrypting.

Off-the-shelf technologies

Crafting the custom diagram and graph solutions bases on the most up-to-date technologies. The devs choose the best suitable frameworks and visual libraries to deliver the solutions that fit the business requirements. The GoJS seems to be an excellent example of well-thought implementation of custom charts and graphs among the most useful visual libraries for diagramming. The GoJS makes the visualization performing smoothly in any modern and less up-to-date browsers thanks to the usage of the canvas. 


Custom solutions for charts and graphs enable introducing integrations with other tools or frameworks and technologies. It is useful when a client already uses the specific technology and implements extra features to the pre-existing device. The devs decide on the right solution that enables the implementation of integration. Custom charts and graphs solutions enable merging GoJS with Angular and React to perform such functionalities as properties panel and zoom controls. The dedicated dev team can integrate custom apps with other services, such as Salesforce. On the other hand, the custom charts and graphs solutions can be coded to integrate with other cloud or on-premise solutions. They can fit how the client manages the IT architecture, i.e., whether the customer uses IIS in Windows Server or any Linux, even Docker or Kubernetes solutions. 

Maintenance and support of the dedicated team 

Providing the custom diagram and graphs solution doesn’t mean the end of the story. The development company provides excellent technical assistance during and after the software development phase. The team is ready to deliver the complete documentation and manuals of the crafted solution and help with any issues. Modern IT software services, including Synergy Codes, conduct the actions in Agile so that the client can monitor the effects of the works ad hoc. This approach enables providing the solution quite quickly to develop further changes and implementations in time. Note that in custom charts and graphs solutions projects, you may expect never-ending progression, so the maintenance and support are managed according to the size of the team to guarantee fulfillment of the current needs of the project. 

Testing and bug fixing  

One of the biggest yes for choosing custom charts and graphs solutions development is a team of qualified QC executives. They work on finding and resolving issues from your business solution. Such extensive testing is necessary for a seamless performance for the long term. The ongoing testing and fixing of the problems ensure the best solution quality and high performance of your charts and graphs. Testing any custom charts and graphs solutions can have different faces. Even without the QA’s support, the devs can perform unit tests, ensuring the performance of even the tiniest app’s components. At the same time, QA teams can write the automatic tests besides the manual testing to lower the costs of regression tests. The IT service professionals can conduct try-outs on the data to check the best app’s performance based on such tests. The integration tests can be performed along with the client’s infrastructure. 

Real-time modifications 

The great thing about customized charts and graphs is that they can be easily modified according to the changing requirements. Once the client decides on the type of data visualization in charts, it doesn’t mean they stick to them forever. Once your business requirements change, you can be sure the dedicated team will use various technological advancements with high flexibility and scalability to ensure the best possible optimization and modifications. Such changes aren’t expensive, nor they aren’t lasting long, thanks to the Agile approach. A big yes for custom charts and graphs solutions lies in direct contact with the app’s creators, who prioritize delivering extra functionalities. Some ready-made solutions don’t support this kind of approach at all. Finally, it all leads to continuously expanding and excellent the tool according to the most up-to-date technologies and functionalities to meet the IT and business goals. 

Layout, framework, and design choice  

There’s no need to stick to one layout, framework, and design. While choosing the ready-made solutions, you have to agree that things are rarely changeable. Custom solutions, on the other hand, provide the possibility to implement the chosen layout. It’s the customer who decides on what functionalities must be there. The devs decide on the frameworks that would be most suitable for the given project. Together with UX designers, they craft optimal and responsive charts and graphs to satisfy all the users’ needs. The devs decide on the best suitable solutions that would fit the project’s requirements. However, some solutions belong to the more extensive system’s part, so it’s the devs’ job to provide the best technological solutions to meet the actual business needs. 

The custom charts and graphs examples 

Now you know some pros for using customized charts and graphs solutions; it’s high time you see some projects for yourself to justify the above ten reasons why it’s great to go with customized tools.  

As you know, there are many various charts and graphs (link) that work for a better data reading. As there are plenty to choose from, here are three examples of tools armed with powerful custom diagrams, charts, and graphs.  

Flow diagrams in no-code chatbot design platform 

Complex conversational systems may be challenging to build. A visual tool helps to collaborate and create a chatbots ecosystem with minimal to zero knowledge of coding. The solution visually processes the bot logic and helps define the general flow of the conversation both from the user side and administration. 

The features that support diagrams are:  

  • Bot diagram for flow visualization – it enables a full view of the flow structure. The user can follow the possible missing flow elements and correct the issues. The user-friendly interface integrates available tools, turning it into a virtual assistant for business and technical users. 
Data flow diagram
  • Flow map diagram depicts the processes to document, study, plan, improve or communicate the operations in clear-easy-to understand diagrams. While representing the conversation configuration between the end-user and the chatbot, the flow diagram provides comprehensive information for each step of the conversation flow. 
complex data flow

Flow diagrams in a real-time team collaboration tool 

Project work requires unique solutions, especially when it involves many people. Here is a tool to build process flow diagrams entirely remotely in real-time. It enables creating a good flow by drag & drops with connecting members, giving roles, and submitting the changes live. With ad-hoc roles’ change and the alternations submission with no lags, the user creates interactive diagrams. 

The features that support the diagrams are:  

  • Adornments to draw attention – enables adding project members or teams to the workspace for real-time collaboration. The drag & drop functionality allows for adornment creation. The user can attach the chart to the object (node), add graphics or rates for full interactivity. 
business process modeling tools
  • Task progress and comments support the project work with additional functionalities such as comments adds with the comment node. The user and the project manager follow the task progress via task performance measures. These are useful for project overview and management. 

Diagrams and graphs for business processes and information flow 

Enterprise-level companies deal with a large amount of information and processes which need to be planned, managed, and controlled. We put up a challenge to create a tool for a Market Leader in Enterprise Application Software. The solution captures the tasks and interactions and augments the business process model with the corresponding information flow. 

  • Expandable diagram – enables the helicopter view at the whole organization. The implemented multi-level nesting of nodes in our solution allows for breaking into subsequent sections until the visibility of several thousand objects. Moreover, the expanding node disappears, making room to show under the structures. 
Business processes and information flow
  • Gantt chart – a Gantt chart view improves the task progression. The user assigns people whose image is displayed on bars to tasks. Additionally, the user can benefit from a mini-map, which is a helpful preview of the entire chart. 
Gantt chart for BPM


The custom solutions come along with any types of diagrams, charts and graphs. It makes them the most up-to-date solutions that meet all expectations. While ready-made charts and graphs may lack features, the custom solutions satisfy the requirements as they go. The modern custom charts and graphs are made with flexible visual libraries, such as GoJS, which enables responsive data models. It may seem easy to find a good IT development service to synchronize the crafting works on custom solutions, but if you look for a professional partner to scale and build your tool, be ready to contact us. Synergy Codes supports you at any stage of the project, no matter how complicated it is.  

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