(RnD) Angular Developer (Senior)

  • PLN 15 500 - 23 350 (Business Contract)

  • PLN 12 900 - 19 500 (Employment Contract)

Becoming Angular Expert needs a great deal of effort and engagement. You have to understand why the code functions the way it does.

What you will bring to the table

  • proven 4+ years of commercial experience in Angular  
  • 5+ years commercial experience in web technologies  
  • flexibility and creativity needed to implement unique business solutions 
  • knowledge-sharing attitude 
  • a practical approach to quality software engineering, including design patterns and SOLID principles  
  • experience with Modern CSS  
  • a sense of aesthetics for web design  
  • very good command of English and Polish, both written and spoken (CEFR B2+)  
  • business-oriented attitude 
  • a deep concern for usability of the products you work on 

What you might surprise us with

  • experience with a different frontend framework, like React or Vue 
  • experience with Node.js or a different backend technology 
  • experience with Docker 
  • a client-oriented attitude 
  • a sense of humor 🙂

Your work in details

  • implementing POCs and MVPs for our clients 
  • helping our clients to improve their business 
  • taking part in the product design process 
  • having code versioned with Git (we do code reviews and regularly pay technical debt) 
  • creating both SPA and Client-Server projects 
  • deploying and maintaining projects in Agile methodology 

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Hello, I'm Marysia
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I can’t imagine my life without music and I’m a huge fan of Italian cuisine. When I’m off I run, mostly 5-10km, but I also run in my home plant jungle. At Synergy Codes I’m in charge of recruitment, so if you need some Q&A, you’ve come to the right place!

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