Modeling Call Flow Diagram for Better Customer Service

Look at how we simplified a call flow with a simple flow diagram that leads a user through a conversation step by step. Check out this solution for processes improvement in contact center.

Call Flow Diagram for Contact Center

Call Flow Diagram for Call Center

Call and contact centers of all industries and sizes have some variation of a call flow integrating chat, email or texting into their centers. 

We decided to simplify an agent’s roadmap by a simple diagram that tells them exactly which direction they need to follow from the minute they answer the phone until the end of the call. Check out the solution overview to find out call flow diagram features for contact center.

Client Call Center
Business need user journey map and user flow
Scope concept design, UI/UX, interactive mockups
Technology React, GoJS

How Call Flow Diagram for Contact Center Works?

Visual call flow diagram for better customer service

Visual Call Flow Diagram

The map includes directions such as what questions to ask, which actions to perform and whether the call needs to be escalated to a manager. Depending on the business’s or customer’s needs, the call flow may have additional or fewer drag & drop components.

Customizable Widgets’ Palette

We reconciled the possibilities of GoJS with the client’s expectations by adding several controls in the property sidebar, such as customer source, location, mailbox, or tags. Thank’s to it creating call center flowcharts is effortless and intuitive.

Customizable widgets' palette that simplifies creating flowcharts
Many sources, one solution for creating call center flowcharts

Many Sources, One Solution

The solution operates on many input sources, like phone calls, chatbots, emails, or even video calls and make customer service more diverse. The AI and Voice recognition involved in it enables process automation.

Call Flow Diagram Means Faster Customer Service

The Call Flow Diagram satisfies major call or contact centers’ needs. It gives you an intuitive platform where you can create a flow diagram using simple drag and drop elements and objects. It’s a helpful tool for all organizations that deal with indirect communication with clients on a regular basis.

The tool enables creating, managing, and controlling complex and straightforward call flow and increase customer service. Consequently, call or contact centers can satisfy clients much faster and reduce workload.

Call Flow Diagram Benefits

intuitive flowchart

Intuitive flowchart for better processes understanding and management

visual modeling of call flows

Visual modeling of processes in call and contact center

Security architeture diagram's builder

Effective and functional customer service

Frequently Asked Questions

A call flow diagram is a visual representation of the sequence of steps and interactions involved in a telephone or communication system. It illustrates the path of a call or communication from the initiation to its completion, including the various decision points and possible outcomes.

The steps in a call flow typically include call initiation, call routing, call processing, call transfer or forwarding (if applicable), call termination, and post-call actions or follow-up procedures.

A typical call flow involves the caller initiating the call, the call being routed to the appropriate destination (such as another phone or a voicemail system), the recipient answering or rejecting the call, and the call ending with either a conversation or a voicemail message.

The four parts of a call typically include the calling party (caller), the called party (recipient), the signaling system that handles the call setup and control, and the media system that carries the actual voice or data during the call.

An example of a call flow diagram could be a customer calling a customer support hotline. The diagram would show the steps involved, such as call initiation, IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system interaction, call routing to an available agent, agent greeting, issue resolution, and call termination.

What is a call flow diagram in software engineering? In software engineering, a call flow diagram represents the sequence of function calls or interactions within a software system. It illustrates the flow of control or data between different components or modules, helping developers understand the behavior and dependencies of the system.