Managing OKRs in enterprise company

Take a look at this transparent solution that enables plan, control and execute your company’s OKRs effectively in the shortest possible time.

The image shows Visual OKR Management in an Enterprise Company

Transparent solution for reaching the company’s OKRs

Many companies struggle in situations where strategy and execution do not align, which leads to ineffective outcomes.

We are not ok with this. This is why, inspired by the proven Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) framework, we have helped to build a visual enterprise-grade Results Orchestration System. It helps plan organization goals and monitor achievements statuses.

Client Multi-industry enterprise
Business need OKRs visualization
Scope web based UI, diagramming, dashboard
Technology GoJS, Typescript, Lodash, animejs

Solution for OKRs visualization

Customizable layout of OKRs tool

You can customize the layout of your OKRs tool. Pick up a color to differentiate tasks and hierarchize them. You can also assign a specific color to a team to boost the workflow clarity in the organization even more.

Departments OKRs overview

The system visually communicate cross-functional OKR relationships up, down, and across your enterprise so everyone understands where and how they contribute. It enables to learn what division or department is currently working on and who exactly is assigned to a particular task.

Real-time progress bar

Implementation of the progress bar allows you to monitor the tasks. The detailed view of each task broken down into subtasks enables full insight into the progress. Know exactly where you stand and where you need to go.

Understand and execute your company’s OKRs

Result Orchestration System offers a tool that allows you to plan, control and indicate dependencies between your company’s goals effectively. It takes care of the company’s workflow, enables understanding of each employee’s contribution to a bigger purpose, and helps deliver results.

Each OKR is assigned to a specific department. Thanks to that, you know what divisions are currently working on and can track execution progress in tasks.

Benefits of process and data mining solution

Complete control over the company’s goals’ execution

better customer service

A better understanding of connections and influences between each company’s departments workflow

Troublefree and quick modification of assigned activities

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