Smart Building App

  • interactive data viz
  • mobile app
  • dashboard

We accompany the cutting-edge technologies and provide the intelligent tools for smart building management. It enables live sensors monitoring and administration in the given spaces. The app’s functionalities are shared between managers, facilitators and building users to give a great management opportunities.


Synergy Codes wants to push the limits and go beyond the expectations. As the reality we live in imposes the fresh overlook on the hi-tech, we decided to support the intelligent building managers, facilitators and users with a smart app that helps administrate the spaces. With deployed sensors and the intuitive app to catch up with the data flow, it’s possible to get the overview of the building conditions, check out the alerts, or plan the necessary repairs. Let’s live the future now.


React Native, GraphQL, GoJS


Software Engineers and UX Designers with a dedicated PM’s cooperation.


The Smart Building App is a truly 360 tool for intelligent building management. It merges the IoT solutions into a handy app.

Smart Building App covers the top-notch hi-tech we use while crafting the tools of the future. We’re focusing on real-time aspects, such as gathering data from sensors in real-time, testing in a battle some of the top technologies: GraphQL that communicates frontend with backend and React Native which covers mobile version creation. For us, the Smart Building App opens the new chapter in IoT oriented environment we wish to develop ourselves.

Jakub Kubacki,
Synergy Codes Software Developer

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